Of course, by Dexter I mean Michael C. Hall.  And when I say “Can’t find a date” I really mean “he hasn’t met me so of course he’s finding it hard to date me.” But quite seriously, for some reason Michael C. Hall is finding it hard to find a leading lady…for real life that is.

Michael, who is currently in the process of filing for divorce with co-worker Jennifer Carpenter (don’t worry, they’re still buds) believes that “dating in Hollywood is difficult, because everyone is so in love with themselves.”

Yowza!  I don’t know about you but I find that a little hard to believe.  Not the whole people-in-LA-are-self-absorbed thing, but more the idea that someone spends more time talking about THEMSELVES when they go on a date with Michael C. Hall then listen to him talk.  Clearly he needs to spend more time dating his crazed-loved-up-fans (ahem) if he wants people to think about him a bit more.

And as a true fan, I’m willing to bite the bullet and test out this theory.  Anyone else agree?

Poor Michael has been so alone lately that he even rocked up to the premiere of his new film, East Street Bliss, solo.  Which to be honest is a little bit impressive.  He didn’t even do what those ugly guys at the Brownlow do and take his mum.  Probably because she’s over in Florida…

But don’t fear, he’s not completely by himself.  He does have the company of the two cats that he rescued.  Awww….

But quite seriously, much as I love him, it saddens me at the thought that Michael is putting all of his sexy attention into his cats. Anyone think of some potential suitors?

ALSO, since we’re on the topic of Dexter, only SIX DAYS UNTIL THEY START FILMING! Excited yet?

michael c. hall

Seriously, how is this man single?-(image taken from http://www.accesshollywood.com)