Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve got Dexter fever.  The show is tipped to start only a hair-whisker’s away, and therefore any obsession is legitimate and definitely not over the top.  Right?

So, continuing on with the recent Dexter bonanza today’s news is the inclusion of a new character, whose going to be played by the lovely Aimee Garcia.  And by lovely, I really mean babe-licious.  And what part will she play in the twistedness that is Dexter’s life?  She’s going to be Jaime, the new nanny!  I’m not sure what has happened to the previous one, but I’m going to assume she got annoyed with the fact that she spent 24/7 with Harrison while Dexter ran around chopping up bodies left, right and centre.

Of course, since Aimee is a babe one does have to wonder if her role as the nanny will end up playing a cliche in Dexter’s life.  No harm done there right?  Except, oh wait, supposedly she’s the kid sister of one of his co-workers (Hmm…this is beginning to sound like the plot to East Street Bliss…although in real life she IS 32).  Check out her photo below and let me know what you think her role will be…

aimee garcia

Hot? Yes-(image taken from

Also, I thought I’d add a little clip on the end just to get everyone a bit excited about upcoming season (not that you need any help, right?)  Sure it’s all old footage…but it’s still nice to see Dexter kill people, isn’t it?

Let me know what you think!