For all you Rob Pattinson fans out there, particularly ones who would rather not see him as a sparkly vampire (who knows why) start jumping for joy because he’s got a new film coming out (hopefully) later this year.

Rob is expected to play the “amoral” Georges Duroy in the film Bel Ami, which is based on the 1885 French novel of the same name, written by Guy de Maupassant.  The story follows Duroy, who has returned to Paris after three years in the military, as he uses older, more influential women to ascend the ladder of society.  At the beginning he befriends Forestier, a man he knew during his service, who enables him to start his career as a journalist.  As Duroy, with the help of Mme Forestier, Forestier’s wife, climbs his way up to chief editor, he realises he can manipulate and control older women to get what he wants.  This leads to him eventually marrying Mme Forestier after Forestier himself dies, but their marriage isn’t what he expects so he starts an affair…which just leads to more problems.

From what I’ve taken from the plot, Georges Duroy is NOT a nice guy.  He knows what he wants, which is to look good in society, and he is willing to use anything and anyone to get his way.

Bel Ami will be directed by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod, and will also star Uma Thurman, as Mme Forestier, Kristen Scott Thomas as one of Duroy’s lovers and Christina Ricci.

Although George Duroy sounds like a really horrible person I do think that this film could be really interesting.  First off, it will be nice to see Rob Pattinson play someone other than the hero (seriously, Edward) and who doesn’t secretly love a bit of a bad boy?  (Eric, Damon Salvatore, Bad Angel, Spike, Cole, Dexter…I can go on.)

What do you think of Bel Ami?  Would you go see it?  Do you think Rob Pattinson can pull off bad boy?

rob pattinson and uma thurman

Bad Rob? Yes Please!-(image taken form