I thought that the title of this blog deserved capital letters because in less than two months my Potterheads HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: part 2 will be on our shiny, shiny silver screens.  Excited much?

If you’ve read the book (of course you have) you’ll know that part 2 is where Harry brings it.  Voldemort?  Pfffftt!  He has a kick-arse wand, lots of buds AND a semi-blind dragon.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it Volde-y!  (Although…he would probably have a lot of trouble smoking what with his unfortunate lack of nose and therefore inability to breathe…)

For those who have lived under a rock in the middle of nowhere and HAVE NOT seen the first half, I’d suggest get on it.  Seriously, you have time to read this blog but not watch Harry Potter?!?! (actually…that’s a bit of a compliment…thank you!)  Anyway.  The first half is the depressing half of the book.  Voldemort is in total control, Dumbledore was more of a weirdo than even Harry realised, and the awesome trio JUST managed to escape the grasp of Bellatrix and her fellow deatheaters.  Eek!  But now…they’ve got her wand and they are preparing to break into Gringotts to see if they can find the next Horcrux…

And if you thought that things were prickly between Harry Potter and Volde-y…well you were right…but it just gets worse!

Just to make sure you’re in the Harry Potter groove, check out the video before and let me know how excited you are.