Now, as well all know, Michael C. Hall has a little bit of a taste for the eccentric.  He’s played David Fisher, a  closeted homosexual who runs a funeral parlour in Six Feet Under, he once did the narration for a spoof comedy sketch on the best way to give your wife a dutch oven, and he plays our beloved, if somewhat off-kilter, Dexter.

So what I’ve attached below is pretty much in the same vein.  Michael C. Hall will probably never play a normal guy in a normal sketch doing normal things…which is why we love him of course.

Check out the College Humour comedy sketch below that he’s done with Ben Schwatz and let me know what you think.  And for those who don’t have the darkest sense of humour they talk about child pornography so keep that in mind please!

What do you think of Michael C. Hall as an upstanding video store worker?  Thoughts?