We all know Blake Lively, yes?  That blonde chick from The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants films, the occasional film and of course, the always scandalous Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl.  So she’s used to the spotlight.  Well.  The spotlight is on her right now.  Big Time.

On the positive note she’s got a new movie coming out, The Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds.  Basically she plays the eye candy (I assume) while Ryan Reynolds runs around being a badass superhero who really likes the colour green (or something like that).  So not only does she get to star in a big block-buster, but she gets to do it alongside Ryan Reynolds.  Sounds like a win-win deal for her.

On a less, but still positive (depends who you are really) note, Blake has been linked to Leonardo DeCaprio, Mr Serious Actor himself.  Since the Cannes film festival they have been constantly spending time together, frolicking on yachts in Italy and so forth.  Sounds like the high life to me.  And this is coming from someone who doesn’t even like Leonardo DeCaprio.

But aside from that…there has been some, well, bad news for Blake.  She’s had some nude photos leaked…onto the Internet.  Whoops!  While some people are saying that she leaked them herself (ouch!  That’s the type of thing only a D list celebrity would do…YES I’m talking about you Heidi Montag)  Blake is trying to fix the situation (somehow) and is vowing that the photos are fake.

Now…this may be just me, or it may be because I’m not a famous celebrity, but WHY would Blake take naked photos of herself…on her phone…and there somehow leave them around to have them uploaded onto the Internet?  Surely the myriad of other stars (Vanessa Hudgens, shame on you TWICE) who’ve had this unfortunate mishap happen to them would deter her from making nude photos…

but HEY!  I could be wrong.  In the modern age of technology, for all we know this could just be a way to generate interest for The Green Lantern.  And I thought she wasn’t a true professional!

What do YOU think?  Have you seen the naked photos?  Do you think they’re legitimate?  Let me know!

blake lively

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