Before you get too excited, cool yourself.  Sadly, season three of The Vampire Diaries doesn’t begin until September.  I know, it IS outrageous.  First off I have to wait until September for Dexter to grace my screen and now I have to spend the lonely winter months without my weekly dose of vampires?  Yes.  I know.  Life is tough, isn’t it?

HOWEVER, I didn’t put this post up just to rub it in everyone’s faces that Damon’s on a holiday (Transylvania perhaps? hahaha), I DO actually have news.  And not just, hey look hot photo news, but REAL news.

So even though VD isn’t back for three months rumours about the plot have already started spreading on what we know as the world wide web.  So I thought, hey, my fellow VD lovers would like to know.  Yes?  Yes.  And before you get too worried, I make sure never to read any juicy spoilers, that you know, actually spoil the show.  So you’re free to read on ahead.

So what’s planned for season three?  First off, the Original vampires are still around.  We find out more about their past, what they’ve been up to for the past, oh thousand years or so, and MOST IMPORTANTLY why Klaus wants Stefan “on the dark side.”  Stefan, for his part…is pretty much just going around gnawing around on people (or something like that).  Caroline and Tyler grow closer and closer (FINALLY!  If she wasn’t immortal and he wasn’t a werewolf…just imagine their babies…), but then their families go all Romeo and Juliet on their arses and start feuding.

Jeremy is still being pestered by those ghosts (“I see dead people”), who are trying to tell him something important (duh), but to the extent that it’s screwing up his and Bonnie relationship.  Perhaps Bonnie likes being the more supernatural of the two?

And now for what we’re ALL been waiting for…Damon and Elena, also known as Delena.  Delena become closer and closer as they try to bring Stefan “from the edge”, but they feel guilty about it (as in, ELENA feels guilty about it…)

So what do you think about the potential plots?  What would you like to see happen in season three?

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