So when you think of your favourite shows, what do you think?  Dexter.  Duh.  True Blood?  Glee?  Community?  The Big Bang Theory?

What’s that?!?!  You love ALL of them! How convenient for you my good reader, because the video bounty I have below contains actors from all of these television shows.

Below are three videos from Geek TV Roundtable Discussion starring Joel McHale (Community), Sam Trammell (True Blood…but also incidentially was chopped up right at the start of Dexter), Jayma Mays (Glee), the always wonderful Michael C. Hall (Dexter…obviously) and Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory).

Check out the videos below:

In the first one, Michael C. Hall and Jayma Mays talk about bizarre encounters they’ve had with fans wanting to take their photo.  Best moment?  When Michael muses aloud about how one day he might actually strangle someone when they want a photo with him…(that’s method acting for you!)

In the second, each celebrity talks about how they got into acting and which was their first big break.  Michael C. Hall talks about how he first learned to love the lime light when he was in Second Grade playing a key character in the church play; Jayma Mays says she’s still insecure but now she gets to “eat breakfast in a ball gown”; but, Johnny Galecki definitely takes the cake with this one.  He talked about how his parents forced him into T Ball and away from acting…but he was never able to actually hit the ball (which in the case of T Ball, is stationary…)

The third was MEANT to be able how the actors get into character but instead veered off into how Sam Trammell usually just gets a dog to do his acting…and how bizarre snake tamers are…

So what are your favourite bits?  Fallen a little more in love with any celebrity in particular? (Cough, Michael C. Hall, cough.)