Ok, so it’s not like Dexter is particularly a nice person in general.  He head butts co-workers, chops up bodies, occasionally strangles people…But while all this may be true, he’s never been your “typical slasher”, right?  He’s always had second doubts, not sure who he is, what he’s doing with his life…blah blah blah, all that crap that serial killers shouldn’t have to put up with.

Well, this season is different.  In Season Six, Dexter decides it’s all about him.  So what if he’s not the nicest guy? Pfftt!  So what if he’s foster dad killed himself over him? Pfftt!  So WHAT if he has deep psychological problems?  Pfftt!  This season, Dexter stops caring and starts doing.  For his son, for himself and you know, all those bad guys who really just need to be chopped up into little pieces.

So what else is in store for season six?  Well, the baddie is definitely, well…bad…this season.  To the point that the executive producer describes his acts as “the biggest crimes we’ve ever had”.  And considering what we’re already seen courtesy of this show…

From what I’ve gathered, the killer (we won’t give him a name) is similar to the infamous Zodiac Killer (deaths based on astrology blah blah blah) in that he believes he is doing the right thing…due to his religious beliefs.  Um…?

If you don’t mind a spoiler, or seven, check out the link to this interview with executive producer Scott Buck and let me know what you think!  But not to the extent that it’s ruined for me…I was a bad fan girl and was too chicken to read the whole thing…