And by Rita, I really mean Julie Benz.  Because we all know that Rita was ALREADY married to Dexter.  But then died.  Well.  In the television series.  In the book series she’s still alive and kicking (although a new one is coming out and we know how sadistic Jeff Lindsay can be).  Anywho, I can totally differentiate between real and fictional people.

Julie Benz is getting married!  Whoo!  Julie, who was previously married to John Kassir from 1998 to 2007, had the question popped to her on Sunday by her boyfriend of four years, Rich Orosco.  Now, while he may be no Michael C. Hall (and by Michael C. Hall I mean Dexter…I think) he does get mass brownie points for how he proposed.  Afterwards (he made the assumption she’d say yes…otherwise…awkward), he and sixty of their closest friends organised a surprise mexican fiesta party to celebrate.

And what did Julie Benz have to say?

“I can’t believe that none of my friends leaked the surprise.  It was like a Navy Seal operation.”

Are you happy for Julie?  She may no longer be apart of the Dexter team, but she’ll always have a special place in our hearts.  Well… for me at least.

julie benz

The future Mrs Rich! Hmmm that has a nice ring to it (hehe)-(image taken rom