Huh?  You ask.  Bear with me please.  And just wait for the irony.  Or perhaps just life imitating art?

Now as we all know (because being good fan people we keep up with useless celebrity gossip that we don’t really need to know…right?) Leighton Meester plays the devilishly bitchy Blair.  She schemes, yells at people, orders her maid around, kisses many different boys…whoa.  Wait. What was that last one?  Kisses lots of different boys?  Hmm…interesting.

More importantly though, is the show that Leighton/Blair stars in.  Gossip Girl.  Yes, a show that not only is based around people with too much money, but is actually named after the faceless character who dishes all the dirt on them.  Well.  Looks like Leighton is starting to understand how Blair feels.  Why?  Because rumour has it Leighton’s been keeping two boys company…

“Sources say” that just on Sunday Blair was making out with her Country Strong co-star Garrett Hedlund (don’t worry, I’ve never heard of him either so I’ll include a photo for everyone’s sake).  Fair enough.  Who doesn’t love a little lip action (OK, it was probably more, but still…this isn’t a bad thing…considering that they are both attractive after all).

Now here are when things get sticky.  The very NEXT night Leighton is at a dinner party and is “overheard” to be raving about her recent romantic dates with actor Justin Long.


So chances are that it isn’t true, but haha either way!  Like I said, life imitating art?

What do you think?  Do you think Leighton is two timing?  And would it really be cheating anyway?

leighton meester and garrett hedlund

Perhaps this photo was taken just after she broke the news to him about Justin?-(image taken from