In the latest Dexter news (spoilers aside of course) we have a brand spanking new promo photo of Dexter’s first case study.  Yummy.  Check out the photo below and tell me what you think.

Of course, there have been some icky kills in Dexter before (anyone remember that guy who lacked both his tongue and eyes from season five?  Personal favourite) so the fact that this guy still has his head automatically means he doesn’t get top spot.  But what is that that Dexter has in his hand?  Is that a bag full of…SNAKES?

Why yes, yes it is.  Which makes sense that in a previous interview Michael C. Hall talked about the kooky snake trainers they had on the show…

So…innnerrresssting?  Gotta give the writers brownie points for spicing up the corpse with some of our wiggly friends.  Ugh.

What else is new in Dexter land?  Well Lumen (Julia Stiles) is definitely not returning for season six, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be against making an appearance in season seven…

What I find more interesting by this statement of course is the idea of a season seven.  Yes, I’m already excited for it.


dexter season six promo picture

Wiggle wiggle-(image taken from