First off,  I apologize.  Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, but I’m baacckkkk now, and hopefully full of information that you deem worthy.

So what do we kick off with?  Why the beginning of the countdown to Season Six of Dexter of course!  Only 51 days!  Yep, that’s right.  Mark October 2nd in your diaries, make sure you have no social life that night, get a bowl (or two) of popcorn and get ready for Dexter.  Because he’s back!

So what is in store for Season Six?  Well here at Chez Set In Motion we don’t divulge the good stuff, because they do “spoil” the show after all.  But there are a few good nugget-y quotes that Michael C. Hall has left us to ponder…

On his relationship with his son:

“It’s his son.  I think it’s taking responsibility for the fact that his son needs more than to be shielded from Dexter’s dark passenger.  He also will need something positive…It’s an awareness that his son may have an appetite for those things that Dexter at least doesn’t consciously have that brings him to an appreciation that it’s something he might want to explore.”

On Deb finding out the truth:

[Long pause] “If and when it happens, it will be a game-changer,  I’ll say that much.”

So thoughts?  And this is just the beginning…the season hasn’t even started yet!  What do you think will happen this season?  Do you think that Deborah will finally find out about Dexter’s true character?  How will she react?  Let me know!


Oh, not creepy at all...-(image taken from