Evan Rachel Wood’s character, Queen Sophie-Anne, who met her untimely demise at the beginning of season four of True Blood (which double-y sucks considering she sticks around for seven of the books), has stated that this might not be the end for her and that she might come back.

Huh?  While this does seem a bit unlikely considering she was already dead as a vampire and then she died…again, Evan Rachel Wood believes that she could turn up on occasion in the form of flashbacks, memories…you know, that type of thing.

It has been popular for fellow dead-dead vampire Godric (whose a bit of a looker in my opinion…) so could it work for her?  What do you think?  Or are you over the whole “I’m dead but really I’m going to be sticking around” thing?

Let me know!

evan rachel wood

She makes a sexy vampire-(image taken from http://www.ewinsidetv.files.wordpress.com)