Put it in your diary.  Circle it with a few highlighters, maybe make yourself a note in the weeks leading up for, possibly record a jingle of some kind…WHATEVER you must do to remember the date that Dexter Season six starts.  Haha, you’re right, you won’t need any reminders to that, now will you?

Now, still without spoiling with, er, spoilers, I can tell you that this season is a bit weird.  Not as weird as the books (Jeff Lindsay, bless your soul) but still weird, even for Dexter.  This season is very religious.  Before you get apprehensive I mean religious as in there are baddies killing people, leaving snakes and weird symbols around, guys with jesus tattoos…You get my drift.

Well.  Dexter doesn’t like this.  So what does Dexter do?  He wacks said jesus tattoo guy over the head with a big hammer.  True Dexter style.

Just because I’m mean, check out the teaser that shows Michael C. Hall being mighty fine in his kill suit as well as a snippet of what is to come in Season six.  Lots of daddy Dexter time with Harrison, some blonde chick who clearly wants in, and well, you know…people getting wacked with a hammer.

Gotta love it.

What are your thoughts?  Excited for season six?  Excited enough to go track down the cast in the US?  Let me know…