Season three of what you ask?  Season Three of The Vampire Diaries, of course!  What other season threes are almost out at the moment that we’ve been going crazy for?  None.  Exactly.

Now, before you get your panties in a twist,  I read the entire interview (yes, I am a good webgirl like that, doing all the tough jobs…) that I’ve linked below and there are NO SPOILERS.  Just lots of sexy Damon time…ahem, sorry, Ian Somerhalder, time.

Happy now aren’t you?

So Ian Somerhalder sat down with Christina Radish for and got into the nitty, gritty including how he’s going to cope now that his brother is the crazy, bloodthirsty one (but don’t worry Damon, you’ll still always be the badarse one), THAT kiss with Elena and whether or not he will remain as evil as he has in the previous seasons.

My favourite bit from the interview though.  Whether or not Bonnie and Damon will get together?  Whhhaaaa…?!?!  I know.  My response exactly.  Ian’s response?

Bonnie is hot! Sleeping with a witch would probably be pretty interesting. I hear that, and I understand that. Damon and Bonnie really are, in ways, cut from very similar cloth. Damon and Bonnie have a really cool dynamic. They’re pretty funny together. I remember shooting that scene where they’re dancing together, and I remember saying, “Wow, that really works!” I know that happens in the books. It’s that thing where you hate someone and then you fall for them. But, Damon is so wrapped up in Elena. Could you imagine Jeremy coming after Damon being like, “Stay away from my girlfriend!,” and banging on his chest, and Damon sitting there going, “Really? We hooked up once kid. It was fun. Leave me alone.” But, who knows?

If you want to read the rest of the interview, which includes a disturbing mental image of Damon ripping off a head while handing you a kitten (or something like that), check out the link below and let me know your thoughts, as always!


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