If he were in character, I’m sure this is EXACTLY what Michael C. Hall would have said when he started negotiating with Showtime people about his contract.

Basically, the man wants more money.  At the moment his contract with Dexter is set to expire October 2nd (when season six starts) so if he so wants to he could run away and never chop up a single bad guy every again (saddest. thought. ever)

For the record,  I looked it up and Michael C. Hall earns about $350,000 AN EPISODE (knew there was a reason why I loved him…)  Yes.  This is a huge, ridiculous amount of money.  But let’s be honest.  Actors are used to being paid a huge, ridiculous amount of money, and usually the amount is even more huge and ridiculous.  Charlie Sheen when he was on Two and A Half Men anyone?  (And just between you and me, let’s be honest, who does more work between Charlie Sheen and Michael C. Hall?)

In conclusion.  Pay up Showtime guys because I don’t want Dexter to finish.  Not yet.  I need to come to terms with it emotionally loonnnnggg before it happens.

But will Michael C. Hall quit Dexter?  Well…maybe.  At the moment there are rumours circulating that he is seriously considering taking the lead role in the Broadway production of Big Fish.  Supposedly, Hugh Jackman was the man for the role but he’s got other stuff he’s got to do (or something like that).

Now,  I understand why Michael C. Hall would be perfect for Broadway.  He can sing.  He can dance.  He can act.  Plus, look at him.  He wouldn’t even need to be able to do those three things.

But…if he’s on Broadway then he can’t be on my television screen, chopping up bodies.  And I don’t live in America so no Broadway for me.  Tough decisions…

What do you think?  Do you think Michael C. Hall should be paid extra?  Or should he return to Broadway?

Let me know!

michael c. hall

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