As you may have gotten from the title of this entry THERE ARE GOING TO BE BIG SPOILERS AHEAD.



As in, as big as the time I was spoiled and found out that Rita died in season four of Dexter

And it concerns True Blood.

OK, so you have been forewarned.  You can either read on ahead to find out who snuffed it in Season Four of True Blood, or you get run away quickly, watch it on TV and then come back and discuss.

Alright.  For those who are still with me, how ya doing?  Ready to have your mind blown?

Now, I’m not sure if you heard the rumours that were circulating, but Alan Ball let loose that the blood was going to hit the fan (metaphorically speaking) in the finale of season four of True Blood.  He was not wrong.  He did not lie.  There was death, and blood…but I don’t think there was a fan (please correct me if I were wrong).

So who dies?  Just like in the episode before the season finale of Vampire Diaries, a few people quickly and unexpectedly die.

First up, was Jesus Velasquez who first appeared in season three as Lafayette’s love interest.  He’s mexican, a nurse and, as revealed in season four, also a Wiccan student under crazy witch Marnie.  So how does he meet his demise?  He’s stabbed by Lafayette…whose being controlled by previously mentioned crazy Marnie.  Damn.

Secondly, is Nan Flanagan, who is the spokeswoman for vampires across America.  She has been on the series since episode once, but only sporadically recurred until season four when she became a regular and it as revealed that she was actually not as nice as she appears on television…She meets her unfortunate end when Bill decides to take a big ol’ bite of her.  Yum yum!

And thirdly, and this is the big one that is shrouded in mystery…is Tara, Sookie’s best friend.  At the very end when Debbie Pelt (Alcide’s psychotic ex) goes to shoot Sookie, Tara steps in and saves the day…but has her head blown off in the process.  Sookie, obviously outraged at Debbie, whips out a shotgun and kills Debbie to hell.

But there is still the question of whether or not Tara is dead.  Sure, she’s missing her head, but she may return as a ghost, or a vampire, or some other mythical being conjured up by Alan Ball and his team.  Even Rutina Wesley, who plays Tara, has been very coy about the whole thing:

I don’t know what they have in store for next season. I haven’t seen any scripts, so I have no idea what’s going to happen. I’m either at death’s door, or I’m gone. That’s scary for an actor, but if my time has come, then my time has come — and what a way to go, saving your best friend’s life. It’s pretty cool that everyone’s going to be going, ‘Is she, or isn’t she?’ I’m excited and terrified all at the same time. I could be a ghost, I could die — it’s in the hands of our wonderful writers and the creative mind of Alan Ball.

So what do you think about the season finale?  Are you sad about who died?  Do you think that Tara will still be around in Season Five?

Let me know!

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Don't look so sad Tara, at least you have your head-(image taken from