It’s back!  Thank goodness!  Those cold winter months with no sexy vampires to provide a lovely distraction are over.  Vampire Diaries is back for its third season, just in time for lovely weather to arrive in Melbourne, Australia (not sure what the weather is over in the US of A but…I don’t really care, let’s be honest).  Is this a coincidence?  I think not.  Yay!

So, since it’s been about three months, anticipation building, hopes mounting, etc etc and so forth, you’d expect us viewer to be disappointed, no?

Well, I don’t know about you but I was not.  Not at all.  Kevin Williamson and the team at CW can be nasty with their cliffhangers and those plot twists, but when they say they will deliver, they deliver.

So what happened on this week’s episode?

Like usual, if you want the full recap, check out Kim’s blog HERE and then come back for all the juicy stuff we talk about here.

Right.  First off.  Possibly my only complaint for this week, (aside from the lack of Delena, come on!  writers, we need SOMETHING) was Damon’s hair.  WHY?  Last two seasons it has been luscious and gorgeous and unkempt (unlike Stefan’s wig-like bouffant.  Sorry dude, but it had to be said) and this season it’s just…eeh.  Too long.  Too boring.  Just…eeh.  Please get on that Ian Somerhalder.  Please (Although, as a warning girls, I saw pictures from last night’s Emmy’s and he’s still rocking that look.  So we’re stuck with it at least for the next few episodes I’d say).

Anyway.  Hair rant over.  The best bit of this week?  It’s a toughie, but I’m going to go for Stefan delivering.  I feel like Paul Wesley actually had a chance to act.  And isn’t Stefan “the ripper” Salvatore so much more entertaining than Stefan who waits at Elena’s beck and call?  I’m not sure if he has a big master plan, but one would hope so.  But saying that, he did convince Andie Star (if you don’t remember her it’s because she was Damon’s love interest…without the love) to jump off a very tall ledge, causing her to die…right in front of Damon.

And while we all know that Damon has screwed up in the past due to his evil plans (remember when he killed Stefan’s bestie in season one?  Ouch), this does seem to be taking it a bit far.  So does Stefan REALLY have a plan, or has the human blood just turned him more evil than he realised…and he’s in deep trouble no one can get him out of?

Speaking of evil plans…Klaus.  What’s the go with him?  As the only hybrid werewolf-vampire in existence, he has decided to try and make more of himself…but why?  If he does successfully turn a whole lot of werewolves into hybrids, how does he plan on controlling them?  And what use does he have for them?  Damn.  TVD writers, you’ve already got me asking too many questions.

Oh, and whatever happened to Elijah?  He bailed on the good guys, saved his brother and just went…poof?!  Or have I forgotten some important story arch that happened last season…

What other bit was great?  Caroline and Tyler FINALLY getting together, or as they shall be referred to from now on, Forwood (thanks Kim!).  They tried to do the whole “we’re just friends” thing, until Caroline got jealous and finally made a move, and WHAT a move!  It’s at times like this that I love that The Vampire Diaries is rated MA15+ (gotta hate the fade to black…Stephanie Meyer).

However, what should have been a great night backfired miserably for Caroline who tried to do the sneak out in the middle of the night (bad girl! bad vampire!) and ended up being shot with vervain by Tyler’s waiting mum.  Awkward.  How on earth are they going to explain that one?  And I really hope Caroline doesn’t get tortured again, because that was BRUTAL last season.

Any other news?  Bonnie is conveniently not around (except a bad videophone conversation.  Unnecessary.)  Perhaps because Kat Graham has no time for vampires anymore what with her singing career?  (No, that is NOT snarkiness you detected just then…)  Jeremy is still seeing dead people, Alaric is still depressed, and Elena and Damon are no closer to becoming Delena.

In fact, Elena ended the episode by answering a silent call from Stefan and reminding him how much she loved him.  Ugh.  Annoying.

What did you think of the first episode back?  Are you a fan?  What do you think of Forwood?  Will they last?  Or will his mum ruin everything?  Let me know!

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