It’s that lovely time of year, television fans.  In the US, their Summer is over, Autumn has come around again and therefore all those rich actors who earn butt loads per episode are back from their exotic holidays (which their butt loads of money paid for) and forced to go back to work for our petty entertainment.

Sucks for them, but fantastic for us.  Particularly for us Aussies who have excellent viewing coming up, without the impending doom that is winter (sorry US!)

As readers will know, Vampire Diaries started up last weekend, Dexter is scheduled for only ten days away (but who’s counting?) and even Archer (sorry, I don’t have anything on Archer on this website, but if you’re interested send me a line) started last week.

And now Gossip Girl has arrived.  Hurray!  Well…almost.  The premiere for Season Five is scheduled for September 26th in the US, so if you’re a savvy internet goer (read: illegal downloader) you can access it the next day.  Yes!!

So far, Season Five will be set in both New York AND Los Angeles (read above information about sunny holidays rich people go on) and there has been a whisper that Dan and Blair may get back together…which Chuck suitably does NOT like at all.

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.  I’m particularly interested in what you think about Liz Hurley going all cougar on the beautiful Nate (seriously, how can she “hook up” with Chace Crawford and then go home to Shane Warne?  It is beyond me).