Well, my fellow Vampire Diaries darlings (actually, if Twilight gets a name, can we get a name too?  And something that does not become synonymous with annoying, but rather awesome?  Please help me out with this one) the latest instalment of The Vampire Diaries is upon us, and like usual they did not skimp on the blood, action or gore…but I did feel a bit ripped off in the sexy-time department.  Anyone else?  Anyone?  Anyone at all?

Moving along.  So, you know the drill, check out Kim’s wordpress site HERE for all the details if you haven’t seen the episode yet (or just want a hilarious recap)

So, first on the agenda: DELENA

OK, so in all truthfulness nothing ACTUALLY happened, but oh, there was chemistry.  Steamy, long-paused chemistry.  And in one of the scenes they were wet.  Oh yes.  Now you want to re-watch the episode don’t you?

So what does this mean?  In their last scene Damon asks Elena to remember about how she felt about him when Stefan returns…and Elena actually looked confused, and torn, and conflicted.


What do you think?  They’ll get together soon?  Or she’ll continue to pine for her vampire love?

Speaking of…he’s still evil.  Still conflicted about his evil-ness though.  IN FACT, he actually saved Damon’s life.  Which, according to Damon, means that there is goodness within him and they have to do all they can to save him from the brink of evil villain-y-ness (dislike! move on already!  Kidding…sorta).

Which is probably a good thing, since Klaus isn’t going to be much fun to be around…although considering he’s a baddie hybrid who has a diabolical plan to build an army for himself, he’s probably never much fun to be around…ANYWAY, because the previously mentioned diabolical plan…kinda went kaput.

Instead of a budding army, all he got was a group of eye-bleeding hybrids who eventually went zombie-like, killed each other and then died…Awkward.

And why did his diabolical plan not work?  Well…he was meant to kill the doppelganger (aka, our fair Elena), who, as we well know, isn’t actually dead…I wonder how long he’s going to remain clueless about that?  And will he use Stefan as bait to lure Elena into his (metaphorical, or perhaps real…) lair?

Back in Mystic Falls, Jeremy and Matt are getting some good quality bromance time together (and speaking of, good for you Matt to actually get screen time!  It’s been a while hasn’t it?) seeing dead vampire lovers of Jeremy’s past.  So is Vicky telling the truth or is she out to get her?  Or is Jeremy just going insane?

And lastly…but, in my humble opinion, MOST important, the Caroline-Tyler storyline.  We last saw Caroline getting shot in the back (literally AND metaphorically the time) with darts full of vervain, courtesy of Mrs Lockwood (and you thought your boyfriend’s mum was bad!).  Since then she’s been captured and a mysterious man brought in to “deal” with her.

Of course, when Tyler finds out, HE has to reveal to his absolutely clueless Mum that actually, he’s the monster, which she found out all too well when he changed in front of her…causing her to promise to help Caroline.

However, she doesn’t get very far as the episode ends with Caroline, locked up in a basement, being confronted by the old mysterious guy…who is her FATHER

Da da dum…

Thoughts?  What did you think about this episode?  Anything particularly great?  Anything that should of been skipped?  Let me know!

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