OK, OK, I know I went on and on about how the first episode of season six of Dexter wasn’t to begin until October 2nd, but…it somehow got leaked on the internet and somehow was watched by me.  I KNOW!  I’m a bad fan girl aren’t I?  But in my defence someone, somewhere, put it up online, then somehow my friend got ahold of the link and sent it to me…and that link miraculously worked.

So REALLY, it would be pissing off the TV gods to do anything BUT watch it, don’t you think?

Moving along.  Below I will talk about this episode (which was Ah-mazing for the record), but for those poor, conscience filled souls who have to wait until Sunday…well, this is a SPOILER ALERT, and I suggest running away (preferably screaming) and returning here at a later date.

For those who are corrupt like I and have already watched the episode illegally…let the discussions begin.

So, Dexter starts off a year after Season Five ended (when Lumen cruelly left him after he did all the legwork); and he is feeling FINE.  He’s killed a whole bunch of guys (particularly two evil paramedics who harvest bodies.  And how did he kill them?  Via electrocution through their own defibrillators.  Method killer, I like it.), Harrison is almost about to attend pre-school and Deb is still none the wiser.  Life is good for Dexter.

Back to now.  So the main focus on this episode is Dexter’s high school reunion, where he plans on going to track down his nemesis Joe Walker, and which yields hilarious results.  Don’t get me wrong, Dexter successfully kills the guy (via a hammer.  He likes to shake things up a bit doesn’t he?) but he also finds out that being attractive at 40, having a successful, if somewhat gory, job and being the centre of a tragedy makes you really popular…and leads to random head jobs in his old school classroom.

Like I said, things are looking good for Dexter.

Like every season past, there are the central baddies that we, as the audience, know about, but watch with a sort of detached dramatic irony as the good guys scramble around trying to put two and two together.  And while there have been some pretty nasty guys in the past (Ice-truck killer? That scene in the ice-rink?  Toughie to beat), the pair of Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos (he’s from Battlestar Galactica) look up to the challenge.  Hellbent on sending a spiritual message (and not the loving, giving Jesus-kind), they kill a poor, unsuspecting fruit vendor, leave his intestines behind, and fill his body with seven tiny snakes that wiggle their way out when Dexter and the crew find the body.

Just. Ew.

So what else is going on in Dexter so far?  Lt. LaGuerta and Angel Bartista are conveniently divorced a year later, and LaGuerta has manipulated her way into the position of Captain.  Angel’s little sister is looking after Harrison who is trying to get into a religious pre-school (even though Dexter believes religion is a load of hoo-ey) and Deborah and Quinn are going great.

So great that Quinn almost proposes to her…until they accidentally become involved in a shoot-out, and Deb gets shot herself…(don’t worry!  She’s fine)

What do I think?

So far Dexter has lived up to the anticipation I’ve had for the past six months.  I think that his bond with Deborah is going to grow, to the point that she may find out about his “dark passenger”…but the results of that I can’t even begin to guess.  I’m glad Lumen is out of the scene, mostly because she broke poor Dexter’s heart and therefore I will hate her always, and I think that this season’s baddies are particularly gruesome.

The only thing that I’m not too happy about is how conveniently Astor and Cody have split the scene, and how Dexter being a father isn’t really that much of an issue in the grand scheme of things…but understandable at the same time.

Oh!  One last thing.  Isn’t it nice to see Dexter in a nice mood for a change?

What do you think?  Are you happy with the season premiere?  Is it as good as the previous seasons, or the book series by Jeff Lindsay for that matter?  Please let me know in the comments!


Yeah...those are real baby snakes...-(image taken from http://www.blogspot.com)