What’s worse than being horribly tortured?  Being horribly tortured by your father, who you realise hates you with a fiery, burning passion.  Yep.  This was part of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries.  Hold on to your cups of tea VD fans, it was a helluva episode.

So if you’ve seen the episode, you’ll know it was full of awesome, and if you haven’t you quickly need to check out the re-cap on our fair Kim’s website HERE to get all the juicy episode of The End of the Affair.  And wasn’t this episode full of them!

So I decided to do things a little different and try a list of sorts for this week’s blog on the things I liked this week (lots!), what I didn’t like so much (not so much) and what it means for next week’s episode…


  • The flashbacks-what’s not to love about the 1920s?  Sure, for the most part women were still oppressed, the Great Depression was going on, alcohol was prohibited throughout America and Rob Pattinson wasn’t alive, but what about their outfits?  Ah-mazing!  And great to look at.  Which is why 20s flashbacks are so great; you get all the good bits  (pretty, shiny dresses) without the cumbersome reality that comes along with it.  Win-win
  • Stefan’s past-does anyone else get excited when they find out what a bad arse Stefan used to be?  I know I do.  He’s spent the majority of the past two seasons being a goody goody and that gets old, really fast.  What doesn’t get old?  Seeing really icky, disgusting torture techniques he used on his victims (that bit where he forces the guy to drink his wife’s blood?  Gold.  Disgusting gold, but gold nevertheless).  Plus, his hair looked far cooler back then than it does now
  • Introduction of new characters-Hello Rebecca, sister of Klaus and ex-lover of Stefan!  Won’t you be a lovely new surprise?  Rebecca, who is also an Original, fell for Stefan, and he fell for her, until Klaus killed her with a special dagger.  Downer.  However, things were easily fixed when he pulled the dagger out and hey! presto, she was alive again.  Only problem?  The special necklace she needs is around Elena’s neck…quite literally.  Uh-oh.  Aside from that, can anyone smell a new romance on the horizon?  Rebefan?  Stefecca?  Thoughts?
  • Tyler playing the hero-last week we said we wanted her to be saved by the always-improving Tyler, and this week the VD writers were actually nice and gave us what we wanted.  Huzzah!  Little side note; also loved that Tyler, the werewolf, and Caroline’s mum, hater of vampires, came to Caroline’s aid despite her being one of the un-dead.  Superstars.
  • Caroline’s dad torturing her to try and “cure” her of her vampirism.  Yeah douche, like THAT’S gonna work.  Fool.
  • Tyler putting the ring back on Caroline’s hand.  Unnecessary.  Dramatic.  If we wanted to see them get married, we’d at least expect a few more raunchy sex scenes like we saw in episode one.  Speaking of…more raunchy sex scenes please.
  • Damon leaving Elena.  WHY LEAVE ELENA ALONE IN STEFAN’S OLD HAUNT YOU FOOL?!?!  Have they learnt nothing from the countless vampire books, films and television shows that are floating around.  And don’t pretend you don’t know what Twilight is Damon, you referenced it in season one.  Yup.  I remember.
  • Stefan being a Class A A-hole to Elena-breaking up with her and breaking her heart?  Not cool dude.  Particularly after that steamy look you gave each other in your old hidey-hole.  I know you’re probably well meaning, but really?  Can’t you at least give her a tub of ice-cream so she’s prepared after you leave?  Men.  Even as vampires they still don’t learn.
  • Katherine definitely has some involvement; in the necklace, in the Original witch, in the Stefan-Klaus-Rebecca incestuous love triangle, who knows?  But she’s back, and she’s got a few things up her sleeve (at least that’s what I’m assuming).
  • Rebecca and Stefan-it’s going to happen, we know it.  At least she isn’t as pretty as Elena.
  • Damon and Elena?  Perhaps, in due time.  We will wait and see…
  • The guy that’s after Klaus-who is he?  What does he want with them?  What power does he have that makes KLAUS, of everyone, afraid?
  • How will they get the necklace from Elena? Stefan did end things on a bad note after all…(bet you wish you got her that tub of icecream now, don’t you?)
What did you think of this week’s episode?  Amazing?  Not so great?  Too much focus on the Holy Trinity?  Let me know!
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Bromance-(image taken from http://www.s3.sidereel.com)