Well, last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was definitely disturbing.  Largely because of a single character’s behaviour.  Ahem.  Damon Salvatore, I’m talking about you right now.

As fellow readers you’d know by now to check out Kim’s post about this week’s episode of TVD HERE which lovingly includes this week’s Bonnie bashing and musing on the boy’s hair amongst the usual.

Now.  What was the most important bit of this episode?  Also the biggest WTF moment (and remember, this is The Vampire Diaries-it’s always chock-full of WTF moments).  Damon and his “hey I haven’t killed anyone in at least 2 episodes, time to have a chow down”.  Seriously, what is wrong with the man?  Can’t he just take up an aggressive sport like kick-boxing like the rest of us do?

Anyway.  I’m getting ahead of myself.  For those who are lagging behind a bit, this week’s episode focused on Delena…only not what you think.  Now that Stefan has told Elena she can basically eff off, she’s realised that Hey!  I can openly flirt with the other brother.

Sadly no, Elena…people judge in Mystic Falls as much as they do in the real world.  Both Elena and Damon get an ear-ful from both Caroline and Alaric on how its best not to fall for each other for a number of reasons…OK just one; Damon is too much of a bad-arse for her.

This, in turn, results in Damon going after Caroline’s a-hole of a father (who is conveniently immune to compulsion…damn) and gnawing a lovely sized hole in his neck.  Bad move by Damon sure, but kinda deserved at the same time (don’t worry, he survived).

Of course…this caused Elena to get really mad at Damon who then turned to her and said “hey!  I like to eat people!  I’m not like Stefan was…DON’T CHANGE ME” (which is fair enough)…and now the two of them aren’t talking.

Great move TVD writers.

But wait, there’s more.

Yes, this week’s episode ended with Katherine getting ahold of Elena’s necklace (by doing the old pretending-to-be-Elena-trick.  Seriously guys, you need to pay more attention!) and then asking Damon to run away with her (so to speak) and get up to something naughty (once again, not even sexual).

In other TVD news?  Stefan tried to be a badarse and instead ended up getting tortured and knocked out twice, and now Klaus has returned back to Mystic Falls so that Stefan can prove himself…Nice work buddy.  But on the plus side, his hair is getting better every episode.  And Rebefan?  Still doesn’t seem to be happening…because Stefan DID pull an Edward Cullen and does actually love Elena…but is staying away to try and protect her.

Awww….NOT.  Seriously boys, when has that EVER. WORKED.  And I don’t mean just in TVD, I mean generally.

Forwood continues to grow strong, but we’re still missing out on the sex scenes we need (its MA15+ for a reason), but they’re definitely doing better than Beremy.

Yes, Bonnie is back and as witchy as ever.  However, she doesn’t take the news that Jeremy has been having conversations with the dead vampires well…dead vampires who also happen to be his ex-girlfriends (so the next time you think about killing your boyfriends ex, remember, they will come back and haunt the both of you).

Jeremy, who only sees Anna because he’s thinking of her, chooses not to help her, or whatever he might face in the future (read: probably really bad) has chosen to block her out…for now.

So what did you think of this week’s episode?  Good?  Bad?  Realistic?  Can you see Stefan getting his evil-plan-act together enough so that Klaus doesn’t find out Elena and Katherine are still alive?  What will Damon and Katherine get up to now they’re on the run together?  And how angry is Elena really?

Let me know in the comments!

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