Here at Set In Motion we get a little bit excited whenever an up and coming Aussie pops up on our screens in an American TV show.  Partially because of national pride and partially because, damnit we produce some fine good actors (not to mention some very yummy boys.  Hugh Jackman, Xavier Samuel, Ryan Kwanten…).  And we’re extra excited at the moment because not only are one of our bright young things in one of CW’s new television shows, but it’s none other than Phoebe Tonkin, who plays the lovely Fi in Tomorrow, When The War Began.

Phoebe plays Faye Chamberlain in The Secret Circle, a new TV show created by Kevin Williamson, who is also the mastermind behind The Vampire Diaries (read: same sorta thing, cute guys, lots of twists etc etc).  This show is also conveniently based on the book series by L J Smith, who sounds familiar because she too is behind TVD.  The story surrounds a group of teenagers in the small town Chance Harbor in Washington and newly-orphaned Cassie who moves to the town after her mum dies.

So what’s the twist? Well…these teenagers are also budding witches, and now that Cassie is in town they’re circle is complete and they can get up to all sorts of voodoo.  Only problem?  Some bad guys (ie: the parents) want that power for themselves…to the point that they will kill to get it.

Da da dummmmmm.

Phoebe’s character Faye, while essentially NOT a bad guy, plays the rebel girl in the group and uses her powers for her own selfish desires which essentially leads to bigger problems.  And considering that Phoebe’s other main character to date was Fi from Tomorrow, When The War Began it’s nice to see her play the bad girl…and play it well!

What do you think? Have you seen The Secret Circle?

the secret circle

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