“It all makes sense now, it’s IN the computer.”  OK, so maybe Hansel from Zoolander wasn’t in this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, but our favourite baddie (and by favourite, I mean, vampire we would most like to strangle) Klaus did have a very Hansel-esque moment.  As in, the cure…is in Elena’s body. Da da duuummmm.

So, just for laughs (I’m sure) The Vampire Diaries writers decided to do a 180 from last week’s episode and give us full-on action with a healthy dose of thriller on the side, complete with spine-tingling scary bits of course.  Unlike last week we did not have long scenes of musings of love interests, whose hooking up with who and so forth.

No, we just had Klaus going loco on everyone.  Typical hybrid move.

If you want all the juicy bits, a full re-cap can be found on Kim’s blog HERE and if you’ve already seen it, hooray!  onwards and upwards we shall go my fellow TVD fans.

So, first on the agenda.  Stefan went through about 17,000 transitions this week (OK, I think it was really only three).  First he awoke and tried to fight off Rebecca to get to Elena…except that didn’t work because what with her being an Original and all-powerful she just shoved a big metal pole through his stomach…yummay!

Then, when he recovered from that (no easy feat) he ran inside to find Klaus and Elena…where he declared to Klaus that he DIDN’T love Elena and would be forever loyal to his hybrid bro.  Well.  Klaus didn’t believe that, and when he slapped Elena over the face (might I add, supernatural or no, here at Set In Motion we do not tolerate violence against women…you hear me Klaus?) Stefan went mad and tried to protect her.

OK, you still keeping up?  THEN, Klaus decided to compel Stefan to do his every whim, which meant chowing on the two unfortunate, but conveniently placed, randoms…so he’s now a baddie again.

THEN, when Klaus compelled him to chow on Elena (after a nail-biting 20 minute wait of course) he managed to restrain himself by stabbing himself in the stomach with a broom (seriously, what is going on in his digestive tract I wonder.  He DID just eat himself two juicy humans after all).

So now Stefan’s the good guy.

Well…Klaus did not like that.  So he compelled Stefan to switch off…as in, BAM I have no soul switch off…which meant he did actually have quite a big nibble of Elena’ neck.

Damn.  So, in conclusion…Stefan is quite literally a soulless bastard, who is sticking around to keep an eye on Elena while Klaus is off doing whatever Klaus does in his spare time (poetry readings perhaps?)

But…I hear you ask, with a confused look on your face, why would Klaus want Elena to stay alive?  Ahhh….well it’s quite simple (it isn’t really) but for hybrids to become hybrids and not turn into zombie-men, they need a taste of Elena’s blood.  Which is what we saw happen to Tyler who was the unfortunate scape-goat in this episode.

Yeah…see what I mean by confusing?

More importantly though, we learnt this episode as to WHY Klaus wanted to create a hybrid army.  Not because he wanted world dominance as we previously thought (although that is a good side-effect) but because he is lonely and just wants to have some friends (tip:  people are more likely to be your friend if you don’t go around kill all of theirs, hybrid or not).  Which really doesn’t bode well for Forwood or Tyler, who is the only other hybrid in existence…

Anyone say awkward bromance on the horizon?

On the flip side, through conversations with the dead (courtesy of Jeremy, and surprisingly…Matt) we learn that the mysterious Michael IS in fact a vampire hunter, but he himself is a vampire…and, of course, he is incredibly dangerous and all-powerful.  For those who need a quick memory boost, Michael is the character who Klaus and Rebecca were running from all those years ago.

Which is why, in the true nature of The Vampire Diaries, Katherine and Jeremy decide to wake him up.  Because that is definitely not going to back fire in the least…

So where are we now?  Delena look good, but it’s going to be tough considering sadistic Stefan is in town and ready to settle.  But then we love a good bad boy here, so will Elena have a little bit of an attraction to the new and (let’s admit it) improved Stefan?

What side-effects will Matt have from his dance with death?  Are he and Jeremy going to be vampire ghost-whisperer pals from here out?

What will happen with Anna and Vicky?  Have they revealed all their cards and aren’t needed anymore, or do they still have something up their sleeves?  And what will this mean for Beremy?

So many questions!  And we’re only a quarter of the way into the season…

What did you think of this episode?  Good?  Bad?  Too much action, or just enough?  Good plot twists or just confusing?  Let me know!

the vampire diaries

I want to suck your blood-but seriously, vampire jokes aside, he really does-(image taken from http://www.media29.onsugar.com)