Woah.  Yes, I just wrote the word woah.  Please keep reading.  It’s extreme, yes, but so was last night’s episode of Dexter, no?  I think woah pretty much covers it.

This week’s episode of Dexter, Smokey and The Bandit, reminded us that even when things get a little dull for Dexter, someone out there is plotting some crazy killings to get us back into the thick of things.

And may I say, I think the ending to last night’s episode was probably the creepiest killing we’ve ever seen on the show.  Not as creepy as the books (Jeff Lindsay, you will always have the role of crazy sicko who provides me with entertainment), but definitely spine-chilling.

Before I get into details though, for those who haven’t seen this episode this is a SPOILER ALERT.

So this week’s episode had three main storylines: Dexter and his obsession with the “tooth fairy”, Deb’s dramas surrounding her new job, and Travis and his religious buddy.

As we know, Deb has just been promoted to Lieutenant, which has a better pay and sounds good, but involves a lot of paper work and bossing people around.  Definitely the type of thing that La Guerta loves…but not Deb.  If that wasn’t hard enough, she also refused Quinn’s proposal and they split up…and he thinks it’s because of her promotion.  Awkward.

Typical of La Guerta, she tried to bully Deb into picking her choice of new detective, but Deb refused…and instead is going for a big, black guy who has a serious attitude problem.  So what will we have in store for him?  Or will he just conveniently be this season’s love interest for Deb?

Little rant:  I honestly have to say I’m getting a bit sick of Deb’s character.  I feel like we are into the sixth season and she is still the same swearing, manly character as episode one.  She’s not happy in her job, she continually changes men…and then she whines about it.  If  Dexter writers are reading this…PLEASE give her an interesting storyline.  Pretty please!

Story arch number two:  Dexter and the Tooth Fairy.  We learn that a hooker has been killed and it looks like someone tried to take her tooth…but didn’t succeed.  This killing reminded him of his high-school hero; a serial killer who took a tooth from each of his victim’s as a trophy.  Yeah…Dexter was a bit of a weirdo when he was a kid (well…just generally really…).  Anyway, Dexter figures that the Tooth Fairy would have to be a senior citizen, which leads him to Walter…a cranky, pain-in-the-arse, generally awful all-round, old man whom Dexter attempts to befriend.

Of course, Walter, being the crafty killer that he is, soon learns about Dexter’s past and pulls a gun on him…But, Dexter being the ninja superstar that he is, manages to capture him anyway.  What follows?  Dexter learns that his hero wasn’t all that great, and that he actually is different from him…and so decides to kill him in an un-glorified way.  Genius.

The best bit of this arch I thought was when Dexter returns to his house and looks at his own trophies: glass sides containing blood of his victims in chronological order.  Dexter drops the box by accident, causing them to be scattered out of order…a moment that Michael C. Hall convincingly portrays as almost heart-breaking.  Perhaps a metaphor that Dexter can’t keep his slides in order in the same way he can’t keep control of his life?

And…the final arch.  Our religious duo who enjoy killing people in particularly gruesome ways.  This week’s victim was an unfortunate runner who went to help out Travis who appeared hurt…and wound up tied up in a basement of sorts.  (Once again, people who run always end up getting killed…this is not a coincidence.)  Travis tells the runner that he will be released if he begs for forgiveness…but of course it never ends that way.

Instead, the last we see of the runner is when four painted horses are set off down a main street…and his body parts (head included of course) are attached to the dummies that are riding them.  Yes, a mental image that is as lovely as it sounds.

An interesting point that some people have noticed is that Edward James Olmos’ character only appears in scenes when Travis is alone.  He hasn’t interacted with anyone else yet.  Perhaps this is a sign that Travis has made up the character in his head and he doesn’t really exist?  Something to ponder…

What did you think of this week’s episode of Dexter?  Good?  Bad?  Particularly gruesome?  Are you liking the baddies this season or is it getting a bit dull and repetitive?  Please let me know!


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