“With the lights out, it’s less dangerous, here we our now, entertain us.  I feel stupid, and contagious, here we are now, entertain us…”

It brings back a feeling of nostalgia, doesn’t it?  Before you Vampire Diaries fans get your hopes up, no Nirvana was played in this week’s episode.  We did however get a blown up car, girl power and a whole bunch of teen spirits (geddit?)

For those who are still lagging behind and haven’t watched the episode yet (I won’t judge, its the time of semester for us kids in Australia) check out Kim’s blog HERE for the usual romping recap that we all enjoy.

For those who, like me, ditched study for an hour of vampire goodness (oh and what goodness it was this week!) and have seen the episode, onwards and upwards (downwards?) we proceed.

So.  We had the love interests this week; perhaps Kevin Williamson and Julic Plec heard how disgruntled we were by last week’s lack of love?  First there was Ripper Stefan and Elena.  There was Tyler and Caroline.  Tyler and Rebecca. Damon and Elena. Anna and Jeremy.  Jeremy and Bonnie.  Potentially Matt and Bonnie. Gah.  I know.  I’ll slow down.

Now, those who are regulars here at Set In Motion know that we like our boys to be a little bad-not bad enought that they’d actually DO something (in our presence at least) but bad enough that we go “Mmmm-hmm!”  You get what I’m saying?

Thought so.  And so far, Damon has been has been the baddie who has graced our screens through Vampire Diaries.  Well, not anymore.  Stefan; “vegetarian” blood drinker, hair shaper and pouter had his conscience removed last week and now he’s baddddddd. Very bad.  As in “let’s play bloody Twister random girls before I eat you!” bad.

And while, in reality, this would be a bit worrying, in the fictional world it’s fantastic because now we kinda want Stelena to happen again (shhhhh).  Anyone else agree?

Then we have the original bad boy Damon, who while now fighting for good, still retains the sexiness of the past, what with the heated glances and lingering touches that he bestows on Elena (which he did twice this episode…before Alaric decided to barge in.  Typical).  So we kinda want Delena.

So much to ponder.

Then there is the Bonnie-Jeremy-dead Anna love triangle.  Bonnie is pissed that Anna is still on the scene, despite the fact that she’s dead, and Jeremy can’t stop thinking about Anna…which causes her to literally appear out of thin air.  And despite being dead, somehow Anna and Jeremy can touch each other.

Uh-oh.  This doesn’t bode well for Beremy *yyyyeeeessssss*

Then there is Tyler and Caroline.  Everything was going great for Forwood (for about 5 seconds that is), until Tyler got turned into the first ever created hybrid.  Which, as you can imagine, puts a kink in their relationship.  Partially because Tyler has gone back to his cocky self, and partly because he’s been “sired” by Klaus (for those who haven’t read Dracula and are lucky enough to have never dealt with Renfield, sired basically means that Tyler is all-serving to Klaus because he created him.  Yeah, awks).

On top of that, he’s tight with “Barbie Klaus” Rebecca, who encourages him to feed on juicy, live humans…which he proceeds to do.


Aside from all the love drama, the two biggest developments in TVD this week included the (brief) return of Vicky and what chain of events this has set off….

Vicky managed to convince Matt to bring her back to life, and then, once she was back, she conveniently told him that she has to kill Elena (it’s ALWAYS Elena, isn’t it?) to stick around.  Yeah, dang.  While this is a bit sucky, it does lead to a kick-arse scene where Alaric’s car gets set on fire and blows up.  Always entertaining.

Of course, Bonnie with her witchy ways conveniently finds a way to send Vicky back to “the other side” (said in a spooky voice of course) and Elena, obviously, stays alive.  But for some reason, this means that other ghosties are back for a visit, including werewolf Mason who seeks revenge on Damon since Damon well…killed him.

On the flip side, Elena has finally decided that enough is enough.  She’s sick of sitting around pining for her vampire love who has turned into a big douche-bag (admittedly, this has made him MORE attractive, but really this is despite the point) and has channelled her inner Buffy.  Yes, Elena has become a vampire slayer.  While she hasn’t actually achieved anything yet, she did manage to stick a couple of stakes into Stefan’s stomach…so really, she’s on the right track.

Finally, Katherine managed to wake all-feared vampire, vampire-killer Michael and found out what he likes to eat….vampires.  Yum!  Should be an interesting turn of events…

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries?  Did you think that something was happening to Elena and Stefan when he caught her off the bleachers?  Or was there more chemistry between Damon and Elena when he admitted that he wasn’t REALLY flirting with Rebecca, and that it was all an act?  Will Tyler turn evil?  Will Beremy last?  Let me know!

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You could cut the sexual tension with a knife!-(image taken from http://www.teen.com)