Neigh.  How fitting of Dexter to start the episode off with a couple of horses running down a street.  It is the spring racing carnival down here in Melbourne after all.  Although, to be honest, I don’t quite think the jockey in Dexter would have made it to Melbourne Cup.  Considering that his body parts were strapped to different mannequins, they he didn’t control the horse very well, and oh yes, he was dead.

Kicker way to start off the episode, don’t you think?

While A Horse of a Different Colour was (very possible) the first EVER Dexter episode where our favourite serial killer didn’t actually kill anyone, it hardly dimmed the awesome-ness of the episode, which was full of stomach-turning, icky moments.  Best.

When Dexter and the crew find the four horsemen, it doesn’t take long for Deb’s new recruit Mike Harrison to join the dots and realise that the kill scene is playing on the apocalypse out of The Book of Revelations…alongside the snake kill, which is also trying to prove that imitation is the best form of flattery…or something like that.

This theory is then fuelled by a couple of other juicy facts that we get along the way; two slips of paper that have been craftily concealed in the bodies (in the intestines and hidden under an eyelid) and which tell the number of days the two deaths occurred after one another; and that the weapon of choice is most probably a really, REALLY old sword or poker of some kind.

This leads to Batista and Quinn doing some religion research where they learn that Professor Gellar, who’s gone “underground” was a religion nut and also stole a really old sword that was supposedly owned by the same guy that wrote The Book of Revelations.

Dun. Dun. Dun.

At the same time that this is going on, Dexter’s opinion on faith is tested when Harrison is admitted into surgery for appendicitis.  Only when Brother Sam arrives at the hospital does Dexter end up praying, and when his prayers come true he has to ask himself whether he now owes a debt to someone higher than him.

Deborah has her first ever press conference, which appears to go terribly (exactly as La Guerta planned) but which, to Deb’s pleasure, actually ended up working.  According to Captain Matthews, the public love it when Lieutenants say fuck, particularly on air.

Vince and his little protege, Ryan, terminate their relationship this week (and her internship for that matter) when Vince finds out that she stole evidence from the ice truck killer case and tried to sell it online.  Definitely not a smart move.

While this is occurring, killer Travis takes home a pretty, unsuspecting waitress who ends up being their next victim.  When Dexter gets a call from Deb about a strange crime scene involving dead fish and human blood he decides to take a closer look.  When he gets there, being the blood spatter analyst that he is, he follows the path of blood (why no one else thought to do that, I do not know, but hey!  he’s the protagonist for a reason) and is led to a greenhouse…where said waitress, still alive, is dangling from the roof.

Dexter yells for help, and a group of policemen arrive (along with Quinn, Deb and Masuka), but before Dexter can warn them that it’s a trap, one lady fires her gun and sets off a mechanism…that leaves the girl dead with her jugular punctured (read: lots of blood) and her body almost cruicified; allowing the plastic wings strapped to her arms to splay out, giving her the creepy image of a dead angel.

Yuck.  If that wasn’t biblical enough, a strange sound is heard from one of the cupboards, and when opened, causes the release of thousands of locusts.

Of course.

The strangest bit though (if you can believe it can get any stranger) is when Dexter goes back outside and sees Travis standing there…and Dexter puts two and two that he’s the killer.  I’m not sure how, but he does…which bodes for an interesting episode next week…

So where does this lead us?  Is Travis’ friend Professor Gellar real?  You would think so by the way that everyone talks about him, but at the same time he STILL hasn’t been talked to by any one but Travis.  For instance, in the cafe when Travis meets the waitress, she only directs him, as though he is there by himself…

So could Travis have killed Professor Gellar and he’s just part of his overactive imagination? And if that’s the case how will Miami Metro track him down, if he no longer exists?

So. Many. Questions.

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Was it a good thing or a bad thing that Dexter’s kill room was absent?  Do you think Travis is the only killer, or are they both real?  Let me know!


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