Here we go again.  This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, titled Ghost World (not Ghost Busters sadly, because I’m sure that would have caused a few giggles) focused, unsurprisingly, on the number of ghosts that decided to hang around Mystic Falls.

Because in a town where vampires, werewolves and witches are the norm, it really wouldn’t be complete with a few vengeful ghosts, now would it?

You all know the drill by now, for a full play-by-play check out Kim’s blog HERE and then scurry back over here (figuratively that is-thank goodness for the internet).

So the agenda for this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries is, of course, ghosts.  We’ve got vengeful ghosts, lusty ghosts and ghosts that just want to help out in any way they can (via large amounts of violence of course).  Since we had ghosts we of course had to step back a bit into the past and welcome back Anna, Lexi, Masen and…Frederick (more on that random later).  This had its bonuses of course (Lexi!  Yay!) but it also had its negatives…

First off, to the bromances in this episode.  We always feel a bit down when Damon has somehow alienated himself from the other guys in town, as he recently did when he (temporarily) killed Alaric.  No harm done of course, but Alaric was fairly insulted and as such, their witty banter has been missing from our screens.

Until this week.  But before we get there, we had the unlikely duo of Damon and Ghost Masen, the werewolf that Damon killed (he ripped out his heart if I recall correctly…yum) last season.  And while the start of the episode gives the impression that he’s around to reek havoc (he chains up Damon, puts a couple of hot pokers in his stomach and burns him with the sun…), very quickly he agrees to help Damon in his quest to kill Klaus.  So how does he do this?

Surprise, surprise, there is a new lead (an ambiguous, confusing, what the hell does THAT mean? lead) to destroying Klaus…which is conveniently located under the old Lockwood residence in the dungeon.  Only problem is?  Damon can’t access it because he’s forbidden from entering (I do enjoy it when they pretend to know the vampire rules and occasionally enforce them) and Masen disappears back to the “great unknown”.

Enter Alaric.  After receiving a somewhat dodgy, but I’m sure was very heartfelt, apology from Damon, Alaric heads down to the Dungeon of Doom and finds a bunch of…hieroglyphs on the wall.

Huh? (I don’t know either.  That’s where the episode ended, and typically, The TVD writers will make us wait until next week to get to the bottom of that one).

In a basement somewhere else, Lexi has tied up Sexy Stefan and compelled him to believe that he has gone years without drinking any blood.  The result?  Not very pretty.  Aside from all the snarky comments that he directs towards Elena, he has COMPLETELY ruined his nice shirt with all that sweat.  Oh, and the fact that Lexi keeps stabbing him with a giant wooden pole probably doesn’t help matters either.

She too, alongside Masen (and all of the ghosts in town, but I’ll get to that) goes poof!  before she can finish what she started…leaving Elena to the challenge of making Sexy Stefan un-sexy (but also not a serial killer, so you know, it’s all relative).  So can she do it?  Last week we saw her turn Buffy on his arse, and we all squealed and clapped with glee, but this week she has appeared to have returned to her former, Stefan-loving self.  Perhaps we will see a mixture of two in the near future?  She somehow rids Stefan of his rippah ways, but does it in a totally bad-arse, vampire-hating way.  Thoughts?

So, as you may have asked yourselves, what’s with all the ghosts?  Well, according to Bonnie’s witchy sources, she pissed someone, somewhere off big time when she brought Jeremy back to life, and now they’re playing with her.  When Matt brought Vicky back to life (briefly) a witch “on the other side” allowed all the other ghosts to return as well…

Yeah.  Not good.  Surprisingly though, except for some poor unfortunate nobody who becomes a corpse in a tree (there’s always one), courtesy of Fredrick, one of the tomb vampires, almost no bad comes of it.

Well except for the fact that Anna and Jeremy are caught kissing…officially ending Beremy (*cough* long overdue *cough*).  But let’s be honest, she was really just using him to find her mum and return to “the other side” so that was bound to happen anyway…

So where does this leave us?  Like usual, with more questions than answers (thanks Kevin Williamson and co).  Stefan is still bad, but with a little elbow grease he could be converted; Klaus COULD be killed via Michael (who was strangely absent this episode, even though he declared last week he would track down and kill Klaus), or these strange hieroglyphs…whatever they are.

Forwood is up in the air because Tyler was not in this week’s episode, so one has to make the assumption he has turned back and is feasting on some unfortunate human alongside Rebecca.  Beremy is over, but Damon and Alaric are back (how come we don’t have a nickname for them yet guys? Dalaric? Alarom?)…and Elena doesn’t know who she wants.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?  Hit or miss?  Did you like any of the characters that came back for the week, or did you think it was all a bit pointless?  Let me know in the comments!

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