Out of interest, was anybody else jumping for joy (both figuratively and literally) when Dexter decided to go native and kill that guy, angry-man style?  I know I was.  Because, as terrible as this sounds, and I’m sure my morals just went down the drain, it’s refreshing to see Dexter care about something…anything, and then take his anger out on the person responsible.

Now, before I get ahead of myself know that this is a SPOILER ALERT and if you haven’t seen the episode “Just Let Go”, I’d advise you to shield your eyes, and/or find your nearest television screen and start watching.

This week started where last week finished, with Dexter finding out that Brother Sam has been shot three times, and while on his way to hospital, is pretty much screwed.  Despite vowing in his head to finish whoever had the nerve to harm his friend, Dexter tells Debra that he’s cool to do the blood work…where he quickly figures out just what happened to Brother Sam.

His initial thoughts are towards Leo Hernandez, a shaddy guy who is the gang leader of the old group that newly-reformed Nick belonged to.  Considering that he’d turned up at Brother Sam’s garage a few episodes back, and Dexter had to (“had to”) attack him with a baseball bat, you can see where Dexter is coming from.

However, before he has the time to put Leo on his shiny slicing table (where have you been these last few weeks shiny slicing table?  I’m beginning to get nostalgic towards plastic sheeting it’s been so long), Detective Anderson (new guy; big, black, bit of a bad-arse and probably the next guy Debra’s going to sleep with) comes to the same conclusion and rocks up to Leo’s house, which leads to a shoot-out and Leo being killed…without Dexter’s help.

While Miami Metro come to the conclusion that Leo is the killer, particularly when they find the missing DVD showing footage of the shooting, Dexter thinks definitely.  Why?  Well, because in the shooting scene the killer doesn’t get barked at by the dog…and that dog barks at everyone…except Nick.

Oh, and Brother Sam briefly awakes from his coma to tell Dexter that Nick killed him and that he forgives him.  But still.  Dexter worked it out himself BEFORE that conversation!  He IS a smart cookie after all.

At the same time that all this is going on, Batista and Quinn are continuing to work on the Doomsday Killer case, where they learn that Charisa, AKA that girl that Quinn slept with last episode, is the key witness in the case.  Partially because she used to be super tight with Gellar (Travis’ sidekick) and also because she was used in a weird religious re-anactment that involved her lying naked with a dead sheep draped over her.  Right.

However, before they can get any juicy morsels of information off her, Quinn manages to piss her off, causing her to spill the beans in front of Debra that they slept together…before she leaves in a fuss.

Of course, Debra is pretty pissed off, partially because Quinn and her were almost engaged, and largely because he could very well have screwed up the case because he was too busy screwing the key witness.

If that doesn’t make things awkward enough, when Deb throws a party that night Quinn turns up drunk with another girl, and then proceeds to hit on Jaime, Harrison’s babysitter and Batista’s little sister, which results in Batista punching him in the face and Quinn drunkenly asking Deb if she ever loved him.

Works going to be fun on Monday!

The Doomsday killers in question, Travis and Gellar, have a girl locked up whom they have labelled a “whore” (really-they’re against the whole one night stand on this season’s episode of Dexter, aren’t they?) and who is in agony after her arm was broken.  Throughout the episode Travis shows empathy for the girl, who has a chid, even asking Gellar if he can give her painkillers for her arm (Gellar refuses.  Typical).  However, when the big scene where he’s meant to brand her (branding.  Awful.  Even for Dexter) comes around, Travis instead he drives her to the beach…and sets her free.


Speaking of beaches…Dexter confronts Nick, who appears to be remorseful when he finds out that Brother Sam died at the hospital.  However, when Dexter urges him to give himself into the beach, Nick starts laughing maniacally, declaring that there is nothing anyone can do now and he’ll never get caught.

Well.  Dexter didn’t like that.  And honestly, you can see where he’s coming from.  Dexter, in a rage, tackles Nick into the surf where he holds him under, until he has drowned and died, where he proceeds to walk away.  However, before he gets very far he is confronted by the ghost of his dead brother Brian (flashback all the way back to season one) who ends the episode with:

“Hey little brother, miss me?”

So what did you think of this week’s episode?  Are you glad that Brian is back?  Will he help lead Dexter back into his familiar darkness, particularly now that Brother Sam is no longer around to guide him?  Are you sad that Mos Def isn’t going to be around anymore?  What about Deb?  Do you think she’ll continue to see the psychiatrist, and will this cause her to see herself, or Dexter differently?  And do you think that Travis can be turned around, or is he as bad as we think he is?

Let me know!


Re-born into the sea, killed in the sea. How poetic-(image taken from http://www.romisreviews.files.wordpress.com)