*Cue jumping up and down like a 5 year old before Christmas (how fitting)*  This week I won my first ever blogging award, the Liebster Blog award!  Hurray for me!  And really, for blogging in general, no?

For those who don’t speak German, Liebster means “dearest”.  For those who do speak German, kudos to you!  So I would like to hand out a very big thank you to fellow Book Blogger Becky, who awarded me this honourable title.  If you want to check out her blog (trust me, you do, she clearly has good taste) check out her blog HERE; her blog is all about juciy reads, reviews and general book news!

Have a Merry Christmas everybody!  Hopefully you get a lovely surprise on Christmas Day just like the one I got!

liebster blog award

Liebster Blog Award-(image taken from http://www.thedirtylowdown.files.wordpress.com)