Vampire Diaries fan, we can rejoice.  Our favourite vampires (television vampires that is…) came back to grace our screens about weeks of deprivation.  Sure, those weeks were filled with parties, New Year’s Eve and lots of Christmas food and company, but does that make us any less happy that it’s back on TV?  Of course not.

Even more so, we FINALLY took a step in the right direction is getting what we’ve all wanted for the past two and a half seasons.  But before we divulge (oh yes, there will be divulging), check out Kim’s post HERE for the full summary of this week’s episode, The New Deal.

So basically this week we had the big story arch of how Stefan is trying to piss off Klaus by stealing his dead family from him.  Of course this doesn’t go according to plan.  Well it does, but not really.  See, in case there are any viewers out there that haven’t noticed yet, Klaus gets cranky when he doesn’t get his way.  Heck, he killed his own mum and framed his dad because she didn’t particularly like him.

So, due to Stefan’s diabolical plan (with some help from Bonnie, and eventually Damon (they’re on good terms again BTW)), Klaus decides to get even and almost gets Jeremy killed, which surprise surprise, scares the hell out of Elena.

What happens as a result was both rushed, and surprising.  After Jeremy complains about the fact that he will never have a safe, normal life again, Elena and Damon come to the realisation that actually, he can, but it means leaving them all.  After being compelled by Damon, Jeremy chooses to leave town, stay with friends, and most importantly, forget everything that has been going down in Mystic Falls.

One thing that I didn’t particularly like about this (aside from the fact that such for an important scene, it only went for about three minutes) is that it seems so easy.  Why hadn’t they thought about it before?  And why aren’t they doing it for others, like Matt?

However, I’m sure the thing that every viewer was thinking about was THE KISS.  After weeks and weeks of teasing, flirting, heated stares and innuendos, Damon and Elena kissed.

That’s right.  Delena is starting to happen.

Of course, Elena now knows that Stefan isn’t evil anymore, but she kissed back.  And OK, Damon left before she could say anything, but he did tell her how he feels about her.  Progress people.

One thing though.  While I am ecstatic that this has finally happened, it did seem a little lacklustre.  Season one kiss was far better for instance (even if it was a case of mistaken identity).  Plus, Stefan is starting to get more interesting now that he has released his dark, interesting side (James Dean hair or no.  For the record TVD hairstylists, only James Dean can get away with James Dean hair.  Noted?  OK, good).  So part of me wants him to try and get Elena back in a typical badass kind of way.  Anyone else agree?

What did you think about this episode?  Are you still team Delena or are you back to Stelena?  Or are you sick of the both of them and need a new cute guy to arrive?  Where were Caroline and Matt this episode?  Will you miss Jeremy?  Do you think a new romance will blossom between Alaric and hot doctor lady?  Let me know in the comments!

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