Here we go again.  It’s been a while Vampire Diaries fans, and while my excuses are good, hopefully the make up post is better.

Plus, in my defense, they made us wait a couple of weeks for the next episode.  Typical CW move.

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So…this week was, interesting, to say the least.  We last left Mystic Falls in a state of upheaval (when don’t we?) after The Originals’ mum tried to off them and ended up failing.  Now Bonnie’s mum is a vampire/witch (witpire? no?), Elijah is who knows where, and Klaus is still jonesing on Caroline.  So he should.

Now to this week.  Forget about the Originals please, they don’t seem to be in this episode.  Well, Rebecca is, but no one really pays attention to her, do they?  Instead, focus on the idea that Alaric is a mass murderer.  Who also did not die after getting shot.  Go with it.

So what’s going on?  In short, three people have been killed in Mystic Falls.  The medical examiner, Caroline’s dad and, technically, Alaric.  And thanks to Dr Fell, Alaric is the killer of all three (self-inflicted of course).  And she has the paperwork to prove it.

So, in retaliation, Elena and Matt (I know, he, out of everyone, is actually still around) go searching for clues, detective style, at Dr Fell’s house.  Where they find the jackpot.  Well, not really.  They find a shit load of paperwork on Alaric and co (other dead guys) and an old journal from Samantha Fell.  Oh, and a coroner’s report clearing Alaric.  Win.

Well, until Dr Fell catches them.

Fast forward a couple of scenes and we learn that the journal Elena stole is written by Samantha Fell, which recounts about how she went crazy and, surprise, surprise, killed a whole bunch of people back in 1912.

Only this is when things get weird.  When Damon and Stefan put two and two together (conveniently at the same time of course) Damon remembers that he killed Samantha BEFORE the murders happened.

So she came back to life.  And how did she do that?  Why, with a special “bring me back to life” ring.  And who else do we know with a ring like that?

*If you guessed Jeremy, just leave.*

Alaric!  And from the help of Dr Fell (supposedly not crazy, just trying to help out) we realise that Alaric’s ring is cursed and he’s going around killing other people, and himself.

And that was what we were left with.

So what did you think of this episode?  Personally, I found it a little too all over-the-shop.  Firstly, where the heck is half the cast?  OK Jeremy and Bonnie, I don’t really care about.  But Tyler, whose trying to change for Caroline; Caroline, whose interested in two guys; Klaus, who is suddenly Casonova, and; Elijah, who is just awesome, so please keep him in the show, WERE ALL MISSING.

Then, we are still getting nowhere on the love triangle between Stedelena (go with it). I know we complained about it starting to get old, but we still need our romance CW; it’s a trashy teenage TV show after all!

And, most importantly, I’m sorry, but that whole Originals thing was not resolved.  Nuh-uh.  So don’t think we’re going to just forget about it.

Maybe this is just me.  Let me know what YOU thought of the episode and whether things will continue to get twisted.

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