As possibly everyone on the face on the planet (give or take, no exaggeration of course) knows, The Avengers came out last week; a film that combines all of our favourite Marvel superheroes to make one massive blockbuster of epic porportions…and not to mention a $200 million budget…

Like the fan girl that I try to be, I thought it was my duty to haul arse to the cinemas and check it out (in 3D no less) so that I could let those poor souls who haven’t had a chance to see it yet know what goes on.  So without further ado:

The Good:

  • When a director has a budget of $200 mil they pretty much have the ability to do anything, and Joss Whedon took full advantage of this.  We had our fair share of jumping, window smashing and so forth but the two bits of special effects goodness were the plane scenes and The Incredible Hulk.  The plane, which was huge enough to contain smaller planes and there very own runway, was in high definition, realistic, and at times even plausibly invisible.  While the idea of such a thing actually existing is ridiculous, you kinda forget it’s impossible.
  • The Hulk.  For a big green monster, he was very life-like, he even looked like Mark Ruffalo!  For completely constructed CGI technology, he had face expressions and nuances that haven’t really been seen before; which in turn made him all the more likeable.
  • Characterisation-while most of the characters were already developed, as Marvel had previously released their own individual films, the bonding and building between different characters made the film all that more enjoyable.  The love/hate relationship between Captain America and Iron Man, the weird bond that the two big guys, the Hulk and Thor, have together and even the weird-o relationship that they all have with the baddie, Loki, just added another layer of feel-goodness to the film.
  • The literal LOL moments-while I’m a big fan of comedy, it takes a lot for me to laugh while watching a film.  This did it several times, mostly when it was just plain ridiculous.  Iron Man, typically, had funny one-liners, the Hulk had a few memorable physical comedy moments, and there were constant references to Captain America and how he had essentially been dead for the past 70 years
  • The final action sequence.  Part funny, part jaw-dropping, all amazing effects.  Manhattan routinely seems to be destroyed in films, and while this was no exception, having the sky-scrapers as a back drop to those weird metallic snake things was pretty cool to look at.

The Bad:

  • The film was too long.  It went for almost two and a half hours, and essentially two hours of that was action.  Which was a hell of a lot of fun, but did get boring at times.  I didn’t really think it was necessary to have a massive plane fight, only to have nothing really come out it, and for the same fight to occur in Manhattan twenty minutes later.
  • Jeremy Renner’s character, The Archer, wasn’t developed enough; and his plot was weak.  From the very beginning, before we even get attached to him, he is mind-controlled by Loki, and he seems like a real threat.  Yet as soon as he comes in contact with Black Widow, and she gives him a big whack on the head, he’s alright again.  Seems a little too simple doesn’t it?
  • Personally, I just don’t like Captain America.  I think he is racist and emphasises the problems with American patriotism.  Perhaps that is just me though?

Overall, it’s a fun way to spend a couple hours of your downtime.  Pretty much everyone in the film is ridiculously attractive, Joss Whedon fans will notice his own stamp on the story and at the end of the day, superheroes are awesome and a great source of entertainment.

What did you think of the film?  Lived up to the hype?  You’d see it again?  Let me know in the comments!