For the record, I did not choose to call it the super preview.  It named itself (literally).  But with four minutes of delicious Andrew Garfield-ness playing SPIDER-MAN, how could it not be super?

Check out the link below to see some of the following:

  • A disgusting lizard man (seriously, the man needs to exfoliate)
  • Andrew Garfield being a mother flipping badass, catching falling cars, saving children…all while wearing a skin-tight unitard.  Respect
  • A hilarious one-liner to a car thief who suspiciously looks like Bradley Cooper in bum form…
  • Some lady-loving action with the always lovely Emma Stone
  • A biological outbreak (ew)
  • Andrew Garfield doing somersaults through the air.  In a unitard.  With nothing on underneath

PS.  Has anyone else noticed that New York ALWAYS gets royally screwed in films, particularly superhero films?  Possibly the only exception is Batman, since it’s based in the fictional Gotham City.  Just a thought…