Hello, hello!  Apologises to my absence on WordPress these last few weeks.  Hectic is one way to put it, lazy and on holidays and lying in the sun in another way…(For those who didn’t notice I was gone, well, pah!)

However, I thought I’d re-join the blog-o-sphere with the film review of a movie I’ve been rubbing my hands gleefully in anticipation for the past six months or so..SPIDER MAN!

For those who didn’t see the original trilogy (I’m going to hazard a guess and say, not that many, since those movies made an arse-load of money), have never read the comics and don’t understand the most basic of superhero names (come on people, spider + man…hmmm) then here’s the basic drill.

Peter Parker is a bit of a loser.  Not one of those unattractive losers of course, oh no that would not do in Hollywood, but the kind of loser that’s more like “I don’t need to deal with you a-holes ANYWAY, since I’m practically a scientist extraordinare and will probably be the next Charles Darwin some day” (or something like that)…which is where Andrew Garfield comes in.  Quiet, good at taking photos, knows waaayyyy too much about animal gene cross-mutation etc etc and so forth.

Luckily for Peter, he’s a genius and therefore can solve confusing algorithms that mean absolutely no sense to anyone else (namely, me).  Also, he looks like Andrew Garfield, and therefore has no problem snaring the girl, who, this time around, is Gwen Stacey, aka Emma Stone.  Unfortunately for him, he also seems to lack the common sense most of us are born with, and thus does not hesitate when entering into a lab room of spiders, where, unsurprisingly, he is bitten.

Blah blah blah.  Transformations.  Climbing walls.  Self-discovery.  You know the drill.

Only problem is, Spidey (as he shall now be known), uses his mathematical awesome-ness to help Dr Connors grow an arm…and turn into an evil Lizard man who is hell-bent on turning everyone else into evil Lizard men.

Go with it.

So what did I like about the film?

I thought that the directing, special effects, cinematography and overall feel and look to the film were excellent, and definitely on par with the “block-buster” label that it had attached to it.  This film cost $200 million to make, and director Marc Webb made sure the audience knew that.

Overall, I thought the acting was good, not fantastic, but at the same time, at no point cringe-worthy.  While Andrew Garfield excels at the dorky-yet-attractive nerd, he kinda failed miserably during the crying scene, which should have been far more dramatic than it was.  However, it was both pleasing (and frustrating, let’s be honest) to see the chemistry between Garfield and Emma Stone, who are also dating in real life.

I also particularly loved the scenes at the school, or when Garfield is acting the adolescent, grumpy teenager to a tee.  Bonus points for that hilarious scene when he appears hungry and stoned.

What I didn’t like about the film:

I thought that the villain was kinda awful.  He didn’t seem necessary, or scary, or particularly original in any shape or form.  At no point was I terrified of him, or scared for Spidey.  I didn’t understand his motives as a villain (genius scientist by day, Lizard man by night…what the hell?), and therefore didn’t really care what it was that he was doing.

What I see this film again?

In a heartbeat.  Sure, I still don’t really understand why they have ‘re-booted’ the franchise, but at the same time, I went in there expecting to switch my mind off, take in some eye candy and enjoy a tonne of special effects, and all of this was achieved.  And let’s be honest, I’ll probably see it at the cinemas again to appreciate Andrew Garfield in perfect cinematic quality.

Have you seen The Amazing Spider-Man?  Did you like it?  Love it?  Loathe it?  Let me know in the comments!