For those who live under a rock, or far more likely, just don’t give a toss about Twilight, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson broke up recently.  In a really messy, public way.  Why?  Because she’s a dirty home-wrecking ho-bag.

So what does this mean for The Twilight Saga?  Sure, K-Stew was already severely disliked for her terrible acting ability, but how can we have empathy for an actress who metaphorically shot herself in the foot when she slept with a man twice her age; a man who was also the director of her last film (Snow White and The Huntsman, don’t watch it, it was very ‘meh’), and, oh yeah, a man who had a wife and kids.

Nice one, K-Stew and Rupert Sanders.

Ideally of course, if the real-life counterparts of Edward and Bella were going to break up, it would have been before the second film, New Moon.  So does this mean that the Twilight Saga is, to coin a phase, up shit creek without a paddle?  Or, do we want to be honest with ourselves here, and admit that perhaps Kristen Stewart ruined the saga as soon as she stepped onscreen (refer to comment about horrendous acting skills)?

And, more importantly, what will happen with the image of K-Stew and R-Pattz?

Well, all these issues and more were addressed by comedian Will Ferrell, who was on the Conan O’Brien show, promoting his new film, The Campaign.  Let’s be honest, Will Ferrell treats the situation in the best way possible: if you’re going to be a dirty home-wrecking ho, who can’t act to save yourself, and cheat on your boyfriend, then we’re all going to point at you, laugh and call you a stupid tosspot.