Apparently, I’m a bit behind on this topic.  Which is heartbreaking, as we all know how big a fan we are here at Set In Motion of Harry Potter.  Because, you know, wizards are freaking cool.  Anyway, a few months ago, we wrote a blog about J K Rowling’s new book…and then I didn’t hear anything more about it.

Until today.  Today, I found out that not only do we have a title, a storyline and a publisher…but also a release date.  And it’s not too far away Potterheads.  September 27 Rowling’s new book, The Casual Vacancy, comes out.

So what’s it about?  First off, it’s an adult-fiction novel, not for the kiddies this time around.  Which is probably best, since Rowling went a bit dark by the end of the Harry Potter series, so maybe she should just hit up the adult target market this time.  Secondly, it’s called Casual Vacancy, and thirdly, for all those English-lovers out there, it is as English as Harry Potter is.

The story begins with the death of Barry Fairweather, whose early, and unexpected, demise in his 40s, allows for an opening on the parish council.  The book, all 480 pages of it, will be set in the small village town of Pagford, which becomes ripped apart by the Parish Election.

The best bit about the news so far?  Supposedly it’s a ‘black comedy’.  And we all know how well the English do black comedy (Black Adder, Robert Browning, Black Books anyone?)

What do you think of The Casual Vacancy?  Can it compare to Harry Potter?  Will you read it?  Let me know!

j k rowling's new book

J K Rowling’s New Book: The Casual Vacancy-(image taken from