A nineties spoof directed, produced and written by Mel Brooks?  And with Carey Elwes playing the satirical lead, what’s not to love?  That’s right.  Absolutely nothing.

But let’s be honest, if it were ninety minutes of Cary Elwes acting like a tool I’d probably still find it funny, so perhaps I’m somewhat bias.

Robin Hood: Men In Tights, a spoof of the 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, follows Robin as he escapes from prison in Jerusalem and swims to England.  Go with it.  Then, along with his merry men, Ahchoo, his blind servant, Blinkin, Will Scarlett O’Hara and Little John (“I can’t swim!”) they hope to take back England from Prince John, and you know, get it on with Maid Marion.

I first watched this film when I was about 5 and for some reason fell absolutely head-over-heels in love with it.  While some kids watched care bears on repeat, and others The Wiggles, for me it was Robin Hood: Men In Tights.  Say what you want about parenting, but I think it just goes to show that I have, and have always had, excellent taste.

So what’s so good about this film?  In a nutshell, it’s silly and it doesn’t take itself seriously.  Whether it’s Mel Brooks’ cameo as a Jewish rabbi, demonstrating what a circumcision is by using a carrot and a mini guillotine, to Maid Marion’s literal chastity belt (‘It’s an Everlast!’), it has it all.

In fairness, I will admit that I have a weird amount of respect for Cary Elwes, particularly since he has aged really horrendously, and the only film roles he gets these days are ones where he chops off his own leg.  But his character portrayal as Robin, which is quite similar to that of Wesley in The Princess Bride, is spot on.  Daring, dashing and just the right amount of English, he delivers his lines with the perfect face expression, plus he knows how to sword fight.

Plus, I think what is so great about this film is that it is endlessly quotable, which makes it enjoyable to watch time and time again, in the same way that Dodgeball or Zoolander is.  A personal favourite is when Robin returns to his (now moved, no literally) castle and encounters Blinkin, the aptly named blind servant.

Blinkin, who recognises Robin’s voice, but obviously can’t see him, runs into a statue and believes it’s Robin.

*In a posh, medieval voice* “Oohhh, Robin!  You lost your arms in battle!  But you grew a nice set of tits!”

An oldie but a goodie so if you haven’t seen it I’d definitely recommend it. And if you have, quotes war in the comments below?