Guess who won another blog award?!  Yay!  Something to improve my Tuesday.  Thanks to the ever so delightful, Kim (creator of the excellent KimTheFanGirl blog), who believes my blog is lovely.  Who’d thunk it?  I’m not entirely sure, but I gather that I’m meant to pass this on to a fellow blogger.  And who do I bestow this lovely award to?  None other than Emma, who runs Emma’s Ramblings on Supernatural Fiction, because, unlike us everyday (every week more accurately I should say) bloggers, she’s gotten off her bum and written and published a whole fricking book!  So, as you can imagine, she’s pretty well-versed when it comes to anything supernatural!  Check out her blog, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Now, I’m meant to pass on 5 bits of information (give or take) about me so here goes, and no judging!

1) I have a tendency to fall in love with fictional characters on TV shows season to season.  Last year was Dexter Morgan, this year it’s Jim Harper from Newsroom.  Trust me, he’s adorable.

2) I can lick my elbow

3) I went onto Pottermore and was sorted into my house…which turned out to be Slytherin.  At first I was shamed, but damnit, I look good in green.

4) My favourite film of all time in The Princess Bride.  A fairytale that takes the mickey out of itself.  Perfection.

5) I have an addiction to chocolate.  I can go without alcohol, drugs or cigarettes but give me a week without chocolate…

lovely blog award

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