There are few greater things in the entertainment industry than a serious actor that understands the importance of taking the piss out of themselves every now and then.  Otherwise, it all gets a bit old.  Sean Penn?  Pah.  Leonardo DiCaprio?  Pah.  These aren’t the actors I’m interested in.

James Franco however, playing James Franco whose in love with a Japanese body pillow on 30 Rock?  Absolutely priceless.  Dave Franco in “Go Fuck Yourself Dave Franco”?  Even better.

But I think, ladies and gentlemen, the performances by the Franco brothers has been upstaged.  And by whom?  Of course none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  JGL, who recently hosted Saturday Night Live (as part of his promotional tour for his film, Looper), not only took the piss out of himself big time but he did it…while stripping.

Check out the video for yourself, where JGL not only strips down to his pants but he also manages to make a mickey out of what has to be the most ridiculous blockbuster of the year, Magic Mike.

Also, apologies to the quality, but this was the only one I could find that had the whole thing!