Well it may be a tad unethical of me to be reviewing an awards ceremony considering I didn’t want a second of the actual event, I choose to think I’m qualified to give my opinion.  And by that, I mean I looked at the pretty dresses, read who won, and saw Jennifer Lawrence fall on her face.  So basically, the same as 90% of the population.

The Winners:

  • Jennifer Lawrence – Best Actress – Silver Linings Playbook.  When I saw this film I was absolutely captivated by her performance.  At no point was it over-the-top or unrealistic, and while I felt for the character, Lawrence played her with enough depth that I also could see how deeply flawed she was.  Special mention goes to Lawrence for falling up the stairs upon receiving the award, and making a joke of it.  Considering the last time she won an award her dress literally fell to pieces, I’d say it’s time she looks into a new stylist
  • Anne Hathaway – Best Supporting Actress – Les Miserables – Not only did Anne manage to physically transform herself and lose about half her body weight (although a bit chunk of that had to have come from shaving her head), she also sung and acted her heart out.  Bravo. Not only does she pull off short hair, but she played Fantine to absolute perfection and deservingly won the award, even if she had so little screen time.  And for all those people who are continuing to have the nipples vs. dart debate, let’s just remember that a bad dress shouldn’t detract from a fantastic actress.  Meryl Streep, exhibit A
  • Christopher Waltz – Best Supporting Actor – Django Unchained – His speech had nothing of note to it.  He didn’t fall over, he didn’t have ‘naughty’ body parts drawing attention and apparently he didn’t make the best dressed list.  But he successfully played a German bounty hunter in the mid 1850s…in America, and pulled it off, so he deserves just as much attention.  If you’re still not convinced, just refer back to his moustache
  • Daniel Day-Lewis – Best Actor – Lincoln – Lincoln is the only film that I haven’t seen where the actor won an award for this years Oscars,but needless to say I’m not surprised DDL bagged himself an Oscar.  Considering he’s only done a handful of films (in between random bouts of shoe cobbling in Italy), it’s even more impressive to think that this was his third Best Actor Oscar…the most of anyone in the industry.  While I feel a tad bit sorry for the other nominees in this category (the odds for him winning were at $1.07 at one point), I’m sure that they would agree they were beaten fair and square
  • Life of Pi – Best Director – Best Cinematography – Best Music (Original Score) – Best Visual Effects – Dammnnnnnnnnn.  For a film that was based on an ‘unfilmable novel’ director Ang Lee sure made a point.  Thank you special effects and beautiful cinematography.  Thank you Ang Lee for making such a beautiful film.  This film deserves every last one of these Oscars even if just for the fact that almost no other director and team of merry men could of pulled it off

The Ladies:

We could go into a best & worst list, but I think that’s been done pretty well on all the websites I’ve checked out.

Personal opinion?

The worst – Melissa McCarthy.  She wore a dress that had way too much fabric and did no favours to her body at all.  The fabric itself was a drab dark blue and what appears to be cotton…or tracksuit material.  To make matters worse, she also had big 80s hair that was really out of place.  Unfortunate, because I loved her in Gilmore Girls.

The best – Naomi Watts.  This was for a few reasons.

1) Way back at the beginning of her career she rejected Tom Cruise to have dinner with her mum – a classy and very smart lady

2) She’s Aussie, she can act and she’s pretty.  I have to go for the homegrown choices every time

3) Her dress was phenomenal.  Don’t get me wrong, 90% of the population couldn’t pull it off, but she did.  A beautiful creation of metallic-y, sequin-y goodness, Naomi stood apart from the rest by not only going with something daring and beautiful…but also NOT strapless (one of the few for the night, which is weird, because strapless dresses are almost impossible to pull off)

4) Her hair and make-up were understated and elegant.  She obviously let her dress shine through as the main feature and didn’t try for anything over-the-top

Special mention – Loved Reese Witherspoon’s hair.  How come actresses don’t go for old-school elegance more often?  It works beautifully every time!

Controversy – For some reason, everyone got their knickers in a twist over the Seth MacFarlane’s (who was the host) song about boobs, which was utterly ridiculously.  Honestly, everyone, regardless of their gender or sexual preference, loves boobs.  I think the bigger issue here is, why aren’t there MORE songs about them?

naomi watts oscars 2013

Naomi Watts Oscars 2013

What did you think of the Oscars?  Who was the best dressed?  Are you pleased with the winners?