Now, before anyone points out that I usually just write about books and film on here, I’d like to suggest that there’s at least a 87% that in the next two years Miley Cyrus is going to play a crack whore and/or vampire in some atrocious E. L. James film adaptation.  Or at least that seems to be the trend the way the film industry is going. So, relevance.

Miley Cyrus.  Originally born with the name Destiny Hope.  So really, are we ALL that surprised that she’s decided to dance around half naked for all the world to see, while proclaiming that drugs are the greatest thing ever?  And while I could get on my high horse and claim a personal vendetta against her for playing Hannah Montanna, thus rendering me for the oh-so-original nickname of ‘Hannah Montanna’ (yes, my name is Hannah. No you are not witty if you made that connection).

Regardless of my personal feelings on Miley Cyrus, I do think that she’s coped a lot of flak for her actions lately.  Embarrassing?  Yes.  Images that I never planned on having to witness in my life?  Of course.  But does that make her stupid, or a slut?  Definitely not.

For one thing, let’s remember…Miley Cyrus is only 20 years old.  That’s barely out of high school age.  Can you remember when you were 20?  I remember thinking that cut-off shorts and fishnets were a good look.  AND THAT WAS ONLY TWO YEARS AGO.  And though I was never a big fan of it, I can definitely say that numerous Facebook ‘friends’ are big fans of ‘selfies’ both with and without their clothes on.  And if they had the opportunity, I’m sure they wouldn’t think twice over receiving fame solely because they were young and attractive.

So are we really surprised that she’s decided to get a bit raunchy and make  a big sexualised fool of herself?  Come on, if girls are willing to take their top off to get 30 likes on Facebook, imagine what the average attention-seeking girl would do to get 100 million views on YouTube.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s right.  Mostly I just feel a bit embarrassed for Miley.  While she has a hot body and I’m all for ‘flaunt it if you’ve got it’, hot body or no, plastic underwear combined with the ‘Down Down, Prices are Down’ Coles foam finger (sorry, Aussie reference), is never going to be a wise decision.

Then, let’s consider the other people that are a part of her whole sexualisation.  For instance, while Miley coped a lot of flak for ‘twerking’ on Robin Thicke, somehow he managed to stay out of the ‘thicke’ of things (I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help myself)…even though he’s a 36 year old married man.  Can we all simultaneously think ewwwww.  Yet he’s lauded as a fantastic song maker (questionable at best), while Miley is a ‘slut’.  I’m sorry, what?

Then there’s Terry Richardson, the most highly paid photographer going around (he has about $56 million), who also has a deplorable reputation for preying on young, attractive stars and convincing them to do anything for fame.

Here’s an example of what type of work Terry Richardson produces:

terry richardson photography

Terry Richardson Sisley Campaign

Once again, can I have a collective ‘ewwwwwww’.  And I would like to point out that in all his campaigns, either the woman is scantily dressed or doing something sexually provocative, while the man is fully clothed and allowed to be in a position of power.  Because that’s something original in advertising and photography, now isn’t it? *Sarcasm font*

Terry Richardson has not only been the photographer of the recently released photographs of Miley Cyrus’ ‘front wedgie’ (ouch), but is also the director of her latest video clip, ‘Wrecking Ball’, which is infamous for showing Miley completely naked while riding a wrecking ball.

Now, I could easily say that what Miley is doing is all about confidence, sexual empowerment and choosing to live the life that she wants to.  After all, if you want to show your boobs off to the world, good for you.  Whatever floats your boat and all that.

But here’s the thing.  She’s still only 20 years ago.  And yet she’s got guys like Terry Richardson, who is well-known for bullying much older and more experienced women into compromising situations, whispering into her ear that she has to act and behave in such a way if she wants to stay relevant.

And that’s not cool.  Nor does it take into consideration all the suits who must be trying to find new ways that they can exploit her youth and good looks to make more money.  And that’s also not cool.

I don’t know Miley Cyrus.  She has Billy Ray for a father so that’s automatically a bad start to life, but I have no idea what her character is like.  Yes, she could be a narcissistic individual who just wants attention, but does that make her a bad person?  And does that make her that different from any other 20 year old?  Probably not.  The only difference is that when she does something immature or irresponsible the whole world stands up and pays attention.

In short, let’s cut her some slack.  I get it if you’ve got kids and you don’t want to have to explain who twerking probably isn’t a great thing to be doing in your teens.  I do.  But if you’re not a fan of Miley, or you’re sick of her boobs, just change the channel and remind yourself that in 20 years she’ll probably regret what she’s done, while in 2 we’ll probably have forgotten who she is.

Showbiz, huh?

What do you think of Miley Cyrus?  Attention-seeking or just a little lost?  Do you think other people are taking advantage of her, or would she be doing this regardless?  Let me know!

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus – (image taken from