As an Australian, I’m expected to be patriotic about all things Australian.  Even though we all think Lleyton Hewitt is a tosser, we’ll still barrack for him.  Although we’re ‘technically’ convicts from England, we still think we’re superior to Americans solely because we use the letter u correctly (sorry American readers).  But there are exceptions.  And one of them is the Australian film industry.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we have some excellent exceptions, all of which apparently date to before the 2000s, and all which apparently include ridiculous dance music.  Muriel’s Wedding anyone?  And while we have an impeccable list of Australian actors, both hunky and otherwise (seriously, some of our actors are just great for acting, crazy huh?), and even one or two stellar directors, overall our film industry is just a bit…dull.

Granted, I’m sure that I’m insulting legions of people who tirelessly work in the industry, and I’m sure at least 60% of their creations would pass right over my chick-flick-loving head, but stay with me.

Because I do believe that there is an Australian film on the horizon that looks to fit all the criteria of other Australian films (eerie background music, beach scenes, slow-moving storyline etc etc)…but also ticks the box of being, well, entertaining.

Adoration stars Naomi Watts (fun fact: her career started off in a Roast Beef advertisement, where she picks a Sunday Roast over a date with Tom Cruise.  It was obvious then, acting or not, that she was destined for great things), and Robin Wright (she of The Princess Bride fame), two middle-aged women living in a sleepy Australian town whose friendship has endured through thick and thin.  In short, they’ve got the type of friendship that would fit right in with the Sex and the City crew, except there’s less squealing or $500 shoes.  They’re tight, alright?

Conveniently, each of them has an attractive son, around their mid-twenties, who, also conveniently, apparently spend most of their time topless because the two families live right by the beach.  Of course, I’m sure you can see where this is going. Robin Wright falls for Naomi Watts son (Xavier Samuel), and eventually Naomi Watts begins a connection with Robin Wright’s son (James Frecheville), and a weird love-square (right terminology?) forms.

While it’s a weird storyline, the trailer immediately had me intrigued by how they were going to play this out.  Do they all stay in love?  How can a middle-aged woman really connect with her best friend’s son?  Not to mention the various angles that the director may take on the idea of female empowerment, control and what it truly means to be in love with someone; regardless of the consequences.

It’s released in Australia on November 21, and hopefully it makes it overseas as well.  Either way, I’ve attached the link to the trailer so please let me know what you think!  Are you attracted or repelled by the idea of this kind of love story?  Do you think that it is a realistic storyline?  Let me know!