About time that I went and saw this movie. Wow, that was bad of me.  But not bad enough that I’m going to delete it.  In fact, that awful, awful pun is going to be the beginning of my post. So there.

About Time is one of those lovely British films that make you feel all squishy inside and feel happy about the world.  Sounds stupid yes, but I’m sure you know what I’m describing.  That’s what’s so good about British rom-coms.  They’ve got all the bits you want in a chick flick; likeable cast, reasonable storyline, excellent outfits, plus that always wonderful bonus of dry British humour that manages to make fun of absolutely no one while still being hilarious.  Take note, sub par American chick flicks of late (seriously, when was the last time there was a half-decent American chick flick that didn’t centre around sex or a self-involved twit?).

About Time stars Domhnall Gleeson, who, wait for it, played Bill Weasley in Harry Potter (Mind. Blown.), as the loveable, if awkward, Tim, whose greatest desire is to fall in love with the perfect woman.  Lucky for him, Mary (Rachel McAdams) stumbles into his life when he’s in his early twenties.  Convenient.  Even luckier is that Tim has the ability to travel back to any moment in his life that he hopes to do over.  And over and over in some circumstances.

Along the way, we watch Tim and Mary fall in love, have babies and forge a genuinely adorable bond that you can’t help but go ‘awww’ over.  Combined with an excellent support cast (hats off to you Bill Nighly), some ridiculously superb English sunshine and scenery, and a fantastic wardrobe worn by Rachel McAdams and you have a very cheerful way of spending your Friday night out at the movies.

So why did I like About Time so much?  For me, it was just a nice storyline.  There wasn’t a huge amount of drama, there’s no one nasty or awful in it, and best of all, it manages to avoid that terrible self-conceited ‘oh my life is so hard’ woeful crap that so many romantic comedies have about themselves these days.  Instead of a mid-thirties woman bemoaning the fact that all men are pricks who want sex (who inevitably is who she ends up with anyway), it’s a sweet film about a couple that fall in love and stay in love…even with the added obstacle of time travel.

Seriously, I don’t know what it is about English chick flicks but the characters in them are almost always so…lovely.  Sure, they’re played by Hugh Grant at least 85% of the time, but the majority of the time they’re characters that most of us can relate to, good or bad.  Is there a better moment than when Mr Darcy tells Bridget Jones he likes her ‘just the way she is’?  Or the idea of the British prime minister falling in love with his support stuff?  I may perhaps be going out on a limb here, but Mary telling Tim that their wedding was perfect, downpour and all, may just add this sentimental list.

Furthermore, it’s a funny film.  Not crying with laughter hilarious, but enough that I was legitimately chuckling out loud.  Yes, chuckling.  But despite being a comedy it also had the ability to make you feel sad, nostalgic and even a tad bit touched.

Probably best of all, it involved an incredibly ill-timed downpour, which I think is honestly what makes it a proper English film.  Also, hats off to Rachel McAdams who has inexplicably, but successfully, typecast herself into the role of ‘girlfriend of time-traveller’.

Have you seen About Time?  What did you think of it?  Are you a fan of romantic comedies?  Let me know!