With the title Wedding Night, and written by chick lit favourite, Sophie Kinsella, this book should have delivered everything that I expected from it.  Fluff.  Fun.  A cute boy, a fun chick and a hilarious, if unrealistic, storyline.  Not too much to ask, surely?

Wedding Night follows the perspectives and lives of sisters Fliss and Lottie; one who is level-headed, smart and strong, the other who is flighty, loving and romantic.  When Lottie has her heart broken by an ‘unproposal’ from her boyfriend Richard, she ends up meeting up with her ex-lover from many, many years ago and they decide to get married.  Hey, if it worked when they were 18, why shouldn’t it be a success 15 years later?

To make things even more special, Lottie and Ben decide to consummate their marriage where they met – in Greece.  Yet while Lottie has visions of romance, lust and the perfect honeymoon (expensive lingerie and all), her sister Fliss is determined to stop them from having sex – so they can get the marriage annulled and everyone can forget about how stupid the whole saga was.

Which is basically how I felt about this book.

Sophie Kinsella usually has the ability to write books that are witty and silly, but still a heck of a lot of fun to read.  And bar the Shopaholic series (where, to me, the narrator is simply a stupid girl who is selfish with money), her characters are great gals.  They may be a bit silly, yes, but they’ve essentially got lovely personalities and you want them to prevail and get out of whatever sticky mess they’ve gotten themselves into.

This was not the case with Wedding Night.  Seriously, who thinks it’s a good idea to get back with an ex from 15 years ago and marry them immediately?  Without getting to know them, or have sex with them…or ANYTHING with them.  Particularly since Lottie was not only getting over her ex-boyfriend, but also she had numerous people from the sidelines shouting out that it was a completely bonkers idea.

Secondly, the idea that Lottie runs off with another man five minutes after she breaks it off with her ex, only to have her ex, Richard, chase after her halfway around the world because he wants her back just doesn’t sit right with me.  While Kinsella quickly fixes that issue by having Richard proclaim it’s his own fault for not proposing to her in the first place, it just left a yucky taste in my mouth.  I tried putting myself in Richard’s position and honestly, if I thought my ‘great love’ could get over me so easily, I’d cry and try to move on, not justify their behaviour and fly to Greece.

Thirdly, it kind of made a mockery of the whole idea of marriage.  Not only the idea that it’s so easily to ‘un-do’ it, but also that Lottie was sooooo angry with Richard because he hadn’t proposed to her.  Except that they’d never discussed marriage before.  Now I’m all for spontaneity and romance, but it does seem a bit harsh that she broke up with him because he didn’t propose to her when she thought he was going to.

Lastly, even though it was a book, I just felt that there was no chemistry in any of the characters.  That sounds weird, since it’s meant to be in my mind, but the way that Kinsella wrote them led me to just keep wondering why they were all putting up with each other in the first place.

Granted, this book was relatively easy to read, I found it enjoyable enough and Kinsella did a great job of keeping the plot moving forward, but honestly overall it disappointed me, which sucks because usually Kinsella delivers.

Have your read Wedding Night or anything by Sophie Kinsella?  Let me know!

wedding night by sophie kinsella

Wedding Night – (image taken from http://www.dymocks.com.au)