So, sorry about the complete lack of book reviews lately.  It’s not that I haven’t been reading books (ha! It’s currently 10 degrees and raining here – there is almost nothing to do but read books), honest.  It’s just that I’ve been reading the one book.  For quite a while now.

The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes.

As you may have recalled, a couple of months ago I did a review on a couple of Sherlock stories, so I don’t really feel I need to put you through another one.  Basically, all you need to know is that Sherlock is probably the coolest guy around, even if he is does lack emotion and empathy and he’s a bit of an arse.

Anyway, the reason that I’ve been stuck on Sherlock for the past couple of weeks is that the book is 1200 pages long. 1200 glorious pages filled with adventure, crime, intrigue and wit.  Perfection.  Of course, the downfall to this is that Arthur Conan Doyle wrote so many Sherlock stories, I haven’t had time for much else.

One plus however is that the book is probably the most beautiful thing I own.  Which probably says a fair bit about what type of stuff I buy. But still.  It comes in a box, is bound with fabric and a hard cover, and even contains a lovely yellow ribbon so you don’t lose your spot. Ah, bliss.

Granted, it also weighs about 5 kilos, which meant for a couple of weeks I was the ‘kooky girl who carries a giant book everywhere’ (I think I pulled it off).  The silver lining to that is that if anyone tried to mug me, I could literally knock them out with the force of Sherlock.  Takes Sherlock and his crime solving to a whole new dimension.

Anyway, this pretty much means the end of the road for me and Sherlock.  Which is a tad sad, because English literature set in London is probably the best thing ever.

I still have the TV show to get through though – and as everyone knows (well, Wikipedia), Benedict Cumberbatch is the original ‘thinking woman’s crumpet’ (i.e. we’re attracted to his brain, instead of his looks), and if I can’t have Sherlock, that’s a pretty close second.

Have you read any of the Sherlock Holmes books? Have you seen the TV show?  Do you prefer the films?  Let me know!

PS. Readings, if you’re reading this and have recognised the advertising potential, feel free to send through some free books and I promise to spruik them.

the complete sherlock holmes by sir arthur conan doyle

The Complete Sherlock Homes – (image taken from