It’s been a week of the number 22 – I actually just finished reading the iconic novel, Catch 22, by Joseph Heller. Unsurprisingly, the difference in humour between the two could not be greater. One is satirical, sarcastic, ironic and witheringly dry. The other? Well, dick jokes abound. Conclusion? If you’re going to see 22 Jump Street, leave your intellect and your expectations at the door.

Back for round two (or whatever round it is if you include the television series), Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) become freshmen at college to uncover the masterminds behind a new drug called WHYFHY. Typical plot line follows – Jenko, being attractive and good at sports, becomes part of the football team and a frat house, while Schmidt, less ah, successful in sports, attracts the attention of the arty, ‘sensitive’ crowd. Who are also conveniently super hot and thin. But whatever. Unsurprisingly, as Jenko becomes more popular, Schmidt becomes clingier and more ‘female’ (hilarious!) until their partnership threatens to break and the case is ruined.

While this film wasn’t as offensive as it could have been, as there is a fairly even distribution of different races, sizes and genders (i.e. women aren’t just eye candy, although they are that too), it still wasn’t particularly witty or original. There were a great deal of dick jokes, sex jokes, ‘I slept with the boss’s daughter jokes’ and so on. In short, 22 Jump Street is exactly what I expected to be. Man jokes, with some shooting and ‘getting high’ scenes in between.

However, I still heartily enjoyed it. The chemistry between Hill and Tatum is entertaining and they clearly enjoy each other’s company in real life, and both, though quite different, have a knack for comedy, regardless of how stupid it may be. When it comes to silly films, the fun that the actors appear to be having is 50% of the entertainment. Imagine how dull a college film would be if the main actors hated each other? Awkward.

In fact, aside from the terribly declasse jokes and the innuendos galore, it was the supporting cast that disappointed me. Wyatt Russell as Zook was both a boring and a bad actor – he was unconvincing as a jock and he brought nothing but a blandness from the screen. And while Amber Stevens as Maya was attractive and sexy, she didn’t bring any aspect of the quirk or individuality that you would expect from a visual arts major.

If you plan on watching 22 Jump Street, be prepared to have your IQ drop at least 5 points. Prepare to laugh at jokes that are blatantly obvious, over-the-top and every now and then plain sexist, but hey, you’ll still laugh at them. Will 22 Jump Street win any awards? Definitely not. Will it stimulate your intellect? Once again, most definitely not. But you will laugh, and be entertained, and unless you’re a film buff or an ‘indie darlinnggg’, you won’t regret shelling out $15 to see it at the cinemas.

Have you seen 22 Jump Street or 21 Jump Street? Are you a fan of Channing Tatum or Jonah Hill? Let me know!