Sorry for the complete and utter lack of blog posts lately. Apparently, life/uni/work/family has gotten in between me and my time on the interwebz. Sigh.

First off, I’ve got about two weeks left of uni and three weeks until I go overseas – which means I have about 10 000 + words to write in the next 21 days (not that I’m counting. Gulp.) Plus, I offered to edit my friend’s thesis. So, currently, on the inside I’m pretty much like:

Even worse, I have a mini-thesis to write on the misogyny surrounding iconic female authors and the way their book covers are marketed for an inherently solipsistic genre. Believe it or not, I chose this topic.

But on the plus side, my Mum just visited for three days. To put that into context, she lives literally on the other side of the country so I haven’t seen her in half a year. So:

So while my excuses are poor, and my GiF-usage a bit mediocre (my very first time!), I do promise some upcoming reviews, including the sequel to The Rosie Project (The Rosie Effect), why Gone Girl isn’t ‘a bad depiction of women’ and an account on how much more of a badarse William S. Burroughs is in comparison to Jack Kerouac!

Until then, please accept my apologises and this photo of Peppa, when I ‘convinced’ her to wear a hat for my hat-themed soiree.


You’re welcome.